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How to stop a hyper kitten from attacking older cat?

Asked by skibianka (22points) October 5th, 2010

My new 4 month old female kitten thinks about one thing only – attacking everything that moves – our legs, hanging strings of any sort and best of all our 3 year old female cat. We tried nagging on her, locking her in a room for “chill time” and water spray bottle. Nothing works. She doesn’t seem to be effected by anything and goes right back to mischief. our three year old cat is very unhappy and stressed. She has to be in constant watch or she will be pinned down to the floor and bitten. One book about cat psyche told me to let the cats sort the conflict on their own. Well, that has been going on for over two months now. What to do?

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One of my cats when he was just a little kitten was the same exact way. He was a crazy little guy and would attack and play with everything.

I remember one time I woke up in the middle of the night and he was right next to my head, when I blinked he attacked my eyelid!

But, back to the problem at hand. It took my cat a long time to stop being so crazy. I would constantly spray him with water to keep him off our table and stuff. So, all I can say is have a little more patience. Once your cat gets older, I’m sure his energy level will decrease. And if you are still having problems, maybe you should consult your vet.

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I have a new 7 month old male that is rather aggressive with my 15 month old female.

He gets neutered tomorrow and I think as his hormones diminish and his scent shifts to ‘neutral’ there will be an improvement in the relationship. lol

I agree, they will work it out eventually, maybe never be best freinds but learn to tolerate each other.

Your kitten is full of herself right now and it is possible that having her spayed when she is old enough will help.

In the meanwhile, just remove her to another room when she gets out of control. Keep your vibes calm but firm.

She is a toddler, and it is up to you to set the limits.

Ultimately it should work out, it takes time.

Good luck, I am right there with you in cat management 101. lol

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I don’t know that there’s really anything you can do to stop it; it’s pretty typical kitten behavior. I had the same problems with my little kitten. We had her spayed at 6 months, though, and that seemed to help calm her.

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I agree with @WillWorkForChocolate – spaying/neutering does help calm down animals.

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The older cat will eventually put the little one in its place if she is tortured enough. Make sure she has time shut in a bedroom or other room without the little cat being able to get to her for several hours every day.

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I had that problem and the solution was a third, young cat. The two young cats played with each other (and fight with each other, to this day). They’re both about 6 now, the older one is about 11 now, and they do harass her but she steers clear of them, and they mainly fight and play with each other.

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