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How to cope with loss of privacy?

Asked by truecomedian (3937points) October 5th, 2010

I invited a friend to join Fluther, now I am finding that I have become very self concious in my q&a, this was a good, untainted outlet at one time. Guess I screwed up, or what should I do?

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Why are you feeling self conscious with your friend here? If he/she is your friend, shouldn’t you feel comfortable with him/her?

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A true friend will not think any less of you for what you write in an online Q&A site.

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I think it’s time for a dummy account…

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Too late. You screwed up.

I agree with @iamthemob. Create a dummy account.

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I actually get what you’re saying, I don’t really want my RL friends here. I was very flattered when my daughter asked me to join, and I worried that my presence here might inhibit her, but she has another account/user name for those questions and answers that she thinks might upset or unnerve me. You could do that, for stuff you don’t want your friend associating with you.

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I think I understand how you feel. I talked my SO into joining and felt somewhat relieved when he cancelled his account after a week. There is nothing that I’ve posted that needs to be hidden from him, but some of the responses I’ve posted just haven’t come up in our personal conversations before. There are topics, like past boyfriends, that I’d prefer he heard from me rather than reading it on this site.

As for what you should do, there doesn’t really seem to be a good solution. An alternate account may work, if you use it for questions and answers that the friend won’t peg as yours from the details or identify as you from your personal style.

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ahhh…in the scheme of things..what the heck! Just be yourself and let your hair down and have fun!

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You could wait and see if your friend really gets into Fluther. Otherwise, I agree with others that it is time for a new account with a new user name.

You can PM your Fluther friends that you want to know it is you.

BTW, your dilemma is why I do not tell anyone in real life about Fluther by name. (Sorry founders.)

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Hi @truecomedian s friend.

Show yourself.

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Augustian would probably change your username for you if you ask.

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This is my third account on Fluther. It was many months before I “identified myself” to my friends.

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I totally understand that, @truecomedian. Fluther allows me to ask some things I wouldn’t/couldn’t ask to some friends…sometimes ABOUT them.

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@truecomedian You showed me fluther, you told me to get an account. Shit , we know everything about eachother anyways. Ask what you want, anwser things how you want… I don’t care… I don’t care that you’re on the same site as me…. I say what I please. Why can’t you just do the same. I’ll leave fluther. Whatever

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Remember that little party at my house? You were telling everyone about fluther like it was the best thing since sliced bread… Maybe they have accounts too.

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I agree with @hawaii_jake. I don’t care what you say on this site, but this does make me feel offended.

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Remember that little party at my house? You were telling everyone about fluther like it was the best thing since sliced bread…

How many times did my name come up?

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@FutureMemory Not at all… it was all about how good the site is.

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It’s nice to know that I can say what I want and you won’t respond innapropriatly based on what you know about me outside of this site. It puts me at ease that you will allow me to say anything I want and you wont reply because you think it’s about you. Good to know, puts me at ease. Thanks for proving this true.

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