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Do you like the cold or the heat?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7892points) October 5th, 2010

More of a summer or winter question, but this is more general. Why do you like what you like?

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I like a happy medium. Since I’ve had two heat strokes, I don’t tolerate extreme heat well, and my body reacts violently to extreme cold. I love the weather when the temperature is somewhere between 65–85 degrees.

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Heat, all the way. Absolutely hate being cold.

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I like the Fall and crisp (cool) air..

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Temperate temps. of course. lol

I do not like the heat during the day but I LOVE summer nights outdoors under the stars,

I love a good, wild storm and snow is always fun when we get it up here, but doesn’t last more than a few days at most usually.

It’s easier to get warm than it is to cool off IMO.

Once you are warmed up it stays with you, but cooling down takes repetition. lol

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I like the temperate zone: 65–80 degrees.

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Do you mean to ask, do you prefer the cold or heat? Because I’m sure nobody actually likes to be hot or cold, given the option to be temperate. In which case, I prefer the cold. When you’re cold, you’re not sweaty, sticky or smelly. It requires less energy and effort to make yourself warm than it is to cool yourself down. Your body already generates heat, and to store that heat, all you need to do is put on insulating layers. On the other hand, nothing generates coldness. Using a fan, or drinking a cold beverage, or splashing cold water on yourself all involve some kind of machinery, and are all less accessible than heat generating methods.

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You can always put on another layer of clothing if you are too cold. If you are too warm, there is a limit to the number of layers you can take off in polite society!

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heat, definitely. I do very badly in the cold.

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I live in WI and grew up in MN, so I obviously love the cold. I’ll take -30 over 95 any day of the week. There’s always something you can do to make yourself warm (for example: shovel a 3 foot snow drift from the end of a driveway… you’ll be sweating). It’s fun to be outside when it’s cold… you feel alive. The cold air penetrates your lungs and the steam rises off your body. In comparison, it sucks being outside when it’s hot.

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You mean… the temperature changes outside? Oh, I guess I need to get outside and stop Fluthering once in a while.

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I like the cold of the winter, I tend to get out more & walk most places when it’s cold .. Not too fond of the summer, being quite hot blooded I like it cool………. :-/

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I prefer it cool best, followed by warm, then cold, then hot as my least favorite. So season wise: Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer

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cold!! i can warm up way more easily than cool down. plus, i hate being sweaty.

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I like 4 distinct seasons. I love snow and cold in the winter and I don’t mind a bit when its sweltering in the summer. What I don’t want in weather is BORING! And boy, here in Boston, I get plenty of change.

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I don’t like either extreme, but if I had to pick one, I’d pick heat. I hate shivering and having a cold nose that can’t get warm and of course the illness, the cold. I prefer it to be in the 70s and 80s. 90s and above is a bit hot, but I do like a few days out of the year to be like that.

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When I’m going to holiday, then I like the heat on the beach of course, but when I’m working I don’t mind if it’s below 0 Celsius.

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I like chilling in the sun.

I like to turn my life up to 11 when it’s cold.

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I like both. I like to wrap up in winter.
As for heat, as long as it’s not humid, I like it.

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When I was a little kid, I loved the hot weather during summer, but once I hit my 30’s I really didin’t like the heat any more. I think it’s easier to get yourself warmed up than it is to cool yourself down. Once you’re down to your bathing suit, there’s not much more you can do to cool down if you don’t have air-conditioning. But if you’re cold, you can always keep layering and layering. Fall is my favorite time of year, it’s not too cold, and there’s no drastic measures you have to take to stay warm. Plus when you go outside and smell a fire burning in someone’s fireplace, it’s just heaven sent (scent, ha ha).

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i like the cold but not the intense sub 0 days, but the cool Autumn days to snowy days

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Are you kidding? Heat all the way! I hate Autumn and Winter. Give me an endless Summer and I’m one happy six-year-old!

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Having a hot tub makes winter nights really nice, and, summer too, when it’s the cold tub. lol

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I hate both summer and winter. Im a fall spring kinda guy. When I can go outside in jeans and a t-shirt and be not cold nor hot im a happy jelly

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I am a lover of all seasons and most kinds of weather, but when it comes right now to it, I prefer the cold. In my experience, most people think of the question as

would you rather be uncomfortably hot or uncomfortably cold?

I would say cold, because you can always put more layers on to keep warm. In the heat, you get down to naked, then you’re toast.

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Cold, without exception. Hot weather puts me in a poor mood and I am sick far more often during the summer than the rest of the year.

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Cold. Because heat makes you sweaty, sticky and feel icky as a result. And because it makes your clothes stick to you and it’s very uncomfortable for me, and even worse when i’m wearing a tight bra – i hate tight things on me when i’m hot. And when i’m all hot and sweaty, it makes my hair frizz around my hairline and possibly ruins the do. Cold is cozy, i love warm comfy clothes and jammies, blankets and heaters.

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