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A catchy title for my essay on William Blake's The Lilly?

Asked by ZAGWRITER (1506points) October 5th, 2010

I’m revising this paper now, it’s a 4 line poem and I have to write at least 4 pages on it, which I have done. But I am not satisfied with the title. Any suggestions? The title it has now is “Lilly White is in Flight”. Yea….Thank you for your time.

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Hard to judge without knowing the content of your essay. If I was looking for a title for an essay I would find it somewhere in the text. A catchy line or observation that you made about the poem.

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“Lily” only has one “L” so I’d fix that first.

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the poem spells it as “lilly”. I am making a case that William Blake is referring to the “lilly” as both a picture of Christ and of perfect love. This is for a western lit II class at Gonzaga U. with an awesome professor, who is also very sarcastic individual.

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Pure as the Driven Snow

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Blake’s Lily Burns Bright

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