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What are the best examples that would help prove that there is a "Corporate America"?

Asked by Steve_A (5120points) October 5th, 2010

I have quite a few that I would point out.

But before I even bother I want to see what examples you have.

Please no conspiracy theories though, prefer very hard evidence or facts.

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Are you asking for examples to show that corporate interests are really the ones that are driving general policy decisions?

If so, I don’t have a link right now…but the cycling of various higher ups in Monsanto into various high-level positions in the FDA and then back to Monsanto indicates this.

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I’m not sure what you are asking. Corporate America is a term used to describe the world of big business that is dominated by corporations. It’s not some sort of conspiracy theory, it’s a fact of life.

Are you actually asking for examples of how corporations influence our political process? If so, you are asking about political lobbies and the rules governing contributions to political parties or individual candidates. “Corporate America” (which is the term used to collectively describe businesses in America) can and do participate in the political process by donating to parties and candidates that they believe are in their best interests as well as funding lobbyists to push their cause in congress, just as individuals do. This is not some evil nefarious process, it’s the way our system works.

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Turn the TV on.

“Corporate America” can be seen on every channel. Billions of dollars made to keep the American Corporation running.
Reaching out to every home, and pushing everything America “NEEDS”.

“Corporate America” is one big meat grinder we all jump blindly into.

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The commercials during the Super Bowl.

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What are you really asking here?

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@iamthemob he is trying to nail some definitive, indisputable factual connection which unequivocally proves that Commercial corporations actually govern the Government. i guess he feels that some of us need to be slapped in the face with hard proof in order to acknowledge this mystical revelation. Which is hardly a surprise to left wingers or right wingers, maybe it is to some people too naive or stubborn to know any better, or to folks who live in the woods. I mean, i’m thinking Banking bailouts and light touch regulation, Fox media networks, Lobbyists, both the Oil industry and the Financial industry have infiltrated Government decision making to effect regulatory regimes et cetera, at every level for decades. The fact that there is no proper universal health care is indicator enough that Business have far more influence over government legislation than Individuals, which considering that Individuals massively out number Businesses, speaks for itself. Low Business taxes are another clue. the vitiation of trade unionism etc etc etc.

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That’s what I thought.

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One word: WalMart

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Everything is for sale, but you’re not allowed to haggle.

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Here are some examples: Republicans blocking any attempt to change the law that gives tax breaks to US corporations who send our jobs offshore. The Supreme Court decision to let corporations spend unlimited funds corrupting US politics to reward their own interests to the exclusion of the interests of the American people. Foreign money being funneled into right-wing causes through the Chamber of Commerce, which does not have to divulge where its funding comes from. They are spending $75 million on right-wing ads this election. No bid contracts for billions of dollars, many of which were never even performed or if the were, were done so poorly that they ended up causing human deaths.

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“No bid contracts for billions of dollars, many of which were never even performed or if the were, were done so poorly that they ended up causing human deaths.” I’d like to see some sort of documentation of this.

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Thank you.

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