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What is the most fortuitous wrong-number call you've ever gotten?

Asked by ETpro (34480points) October 5th, 2010

I had a wrong number call once from a fellow who thought he was calling a supply store for security guards. When I explained that ET Productions is a website development firm, it turned out he needed a Web site for his private security company and I eventually acquired a client.

Have any of you had a lucky wrong number call? Romance from a wrong number? Humors call that you still get a good laugh from? What’s your personal all-time favorite wrong number call?

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Nothing too exciting, but I just love it when the same person calls me two or three times after I’ve already told them it’s the wrong number. Get a clue!

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It wasn’t exactly good, but I did get a text from a young girl looking for someone.. who happened to have my first name. After saying something to the effect of “yes, this is she, who is this?” then months and months of harassing and obnoxious teenage messages (intended for the girl who they were actually looking for) I finally convinced her to answer the phone when I called her, and to her surprise I was not the girl. Imagine that. She later texted me and asked if that was my mom on the phone. lol, there was just no convincing her. My cell phone company doesn’t have a way to block phone numbers, so I ultimately went through hell getting them to finally block the girls texts from my phone. It was a little nuts. Funny in retrospect, though.

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Wow, how could I forget…

I used to live in upstate New York, but now I reside in Illinois. So, a couple months ago I started to get calls about an accident I was “apparently” involved in next to a store in New York. I haven’t been to New York in almost a year! The victim, the police, all kept calling me about it.

Someone had written my phone number and placed it on the car that he/she hit!

So, after many calls and telling them that I live 15 hours away, they stopped bothering me. Everyone thought it was pretty funny.

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I got a wrong number from this guy:



Uh….nothin….who’s this?

Oh….you know who it is….

Oh…uhhmmm…..but I don’t…...

Oh….sorry man wrong number.

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My last name is the same as a celebrity and one that is world renowned. I use to receive calls for this celebrity and my wife had the same first name. Though we are no longer married. So I would hand the phone to her and say “It’s for you”. The funny part about this is she went along with it one time and we found out that another well known celebrity was on the other end. We later got to meet both the woman and the man celebrities because of it.

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@JustmeAman Who were the celebrities that you met?

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Either one would give away my last name.

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I once had an unknown number call me, it was a girl asking for another girl (dont remember the names). I told her it was the wrong number, and at the point when most people would say “sorry bye”, she hesitated, so I started talking to her. We talked for about 5 minutes, found she lived in my general area, and some other minor details. At the end I told her, if she wanted to ever give me a call…she obviously had my number. Never heard back from her though haha, but it was quite an interesting wrong number experience.

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@JustmeAman my dad also has a very, very famous name… and we have had a lot of fun over the years just playing with wrong numbers. Good times. :)

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LOL @TheOnlyNeffie I know I played with the calls for years. It really was fun to get one of the calls.

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Call yourself lucky. The only wrong numbers that come this way are in the middle of the night, and the callers sound drunk or high.

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Accidentally called a phone sex hotline. it was embarrassing. I had it on speaker and my mother was right there

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@erichw1504 I had a terrible bout of that a while back. It was a real old gentleman (by the sound of his voice) and I had the darnedest time convincing him that my company is a Website Development firm and not the appliance service outfit he was trying to reach.

@TheOnlyNeffie, @Aesthetic_Mess & @erichw1504 Wow! Those certainly were as far from fortuitous as a wrong number is likely to get.

@Blackberry Your voice must have sounded almost like that of his friend.

@JustmeAman Ha! Funny one.

@wgallios Close, but no cigar, hey?

@TheOnlyNeffie Another famous person name. Those must be magnets for the star struck. Could be funk, but if it turns out to be a stalker, it could be a real hassle.

@Pied_Pfeffer We all get those from time to time.

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@noelleptc Ha! What a hoot. It’s worth getting roused by a 2 AM call for something that laughable.

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