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WordPress Posts aren't adjusting to images?

Asked by drClaw (4437points) October 5th, 2010

I’m helping a friend with a blog he is starting and for some reason I can’t get the posts on the main page to adjust to the images. The blog is

I’ve been looking at it for an hour, but need to get back to work and was hoping some Fluther-ites with CSS Jedi skills could lay fresh eyes on it.

Any help is appreciated & thanks in advance!

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Looks like it’s because your images are “float“ed. Try:

.post {clear: both;}

to have the posts under previous images.

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@phaedryx :: That was my first thought. But I tried it in Firebug and it didn’t completely fix the problem. But it did help.

I’m assuming this is the bug that needs to be fixed.

clear: both produces this. It is better but not ideal. I tried a bunch of shit and failed.

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Thanks for the attempt guys. I’m going to give it another go when I get home from work and hopefully I can figure this crap out… goddamn WP themes.. grumble grumble

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I also added…

.post img {margin-bottom: 10px}

…which gave the following post some extra padding, but the damn line in .post is killing me.

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Making your posts longer is another solution. Maybe that means writing more, maybe it means breaking things up into more paragraphs. Depends on the post. But it works.

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@theichibun That was def the easiest solution.

I actually ended up changing .post {boarder-bottom: 1px…} to {boarder-top: 1px…} & then amended the padding to look the way my buddy wanted it to look. Viola! it is fixed.

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