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Have you ever played a practical joke or prank on someone that had unintended consequences, got you in trouble, or in some way backfired on you?

Asked by jca (36043points) October 5th, 2010

Have you ever pranked someone or played a practical joke that backfired on you? Did the prank or joke have unintended consequences, or get you in trouble? Do tell.

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I pulled a chair from under someone when they stood up. It worked – they fell to the ground when they tried to sit back down. The result looked a lot more painful than I intended.

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I participated in a prank that had unintended consequences, we put a goat that we had fed viagra in a room with a drunk friend, idk what we were expecting, but not what actually ended happening.

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I once pissed in a friends kettle,got absolutely arseholed on vodka woke the next morning forgot the piss in the kettle and proceeded to make one of the best cups of tea of all time ?

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me and a bunch of friends threw away the school’s formula booklets right before the math exam, hoping it would get postponed. lets just say our class’s math average was pretty low that semester.

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A whole school bus of us did and said nothing when one of the 6th graders peed in a can of Mello Yello and gave it to another 3rd grade girl. We laughed ourselves silly at her after she drank it. It was the last straw; she finally told her mother all the horrid things we either instigated or did nothing to stop (playing “keep away” with her book bag, making fun of her because she shared the name Precious with a cartoon dog from The Banana Splits, tripping her, etc.)

Her mother, in turn, told the school and not only did we all got detention for 2 weeks, but even the bus driver was replaced, because he had done nothing to stop us from picking on this child.

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@aprilsimnel I don’t even have an answer to this question, but what the hell, man?!

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Practical jokes and pranks usally end up with someone (not the joker) getting physically hurt or humiliated. I hope you stop doing it. Humor comes in all different forms and can be used to uplift and amuse, but it can also be used to torture people.

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@aprilsimnel I approve! though I do think the urine was a little much… I’ve pulled similar pranks but it was mixing soy sauce with the guy’s coke one time, and laxatives in my teacher’s tea another time, to name a couple.

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@Kardamom It depends on the joke. Many years ago, when a housemate went away for a long weekend, we stripped the sheets off his bed, watered his mattress, sowed cress seeds and kept the mattress moist or the next few days. When he got back he had a fine green fuzz growing on his bed – he was pissed off, but also quite impressed, and certainly not humiliated or hurt.

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@Joker94 – I was 9 and there were 30 other kids on that bus. In those days, I wasn’t a heroine. What can I say?

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@aprilsimnel it’s all cool. It’s still a pretty ingenious prank, despite the horrific outcomes..

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@Joker94 it’s not an ingenious prank, it’s a classic.

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