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Is there rock band for nintendo wii? If so, how much?

Asked by JP (18points) March 30th, 2008 from iPhone

nintendo wii

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it comes out Jun 22, 2008. not sure how much it will cost, but they just announced the release date. i heard that there will not be downloadable content, as there is in xbox360 and PS3.

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From what i’ve heard, it’s really not worth it. Yes it’s got like….5 extra songs to “make up” for having no downloadable content, but there will be no wifi compatibility whatsoever. If you don’t know anyone who owns the game, then it might be a worthwhile investment, but otherwise i would advise against it.

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I’m def getting it! I love rockband, and you never know… They might let you download, etc.. Theyve gotta! Its rockband. Plus I’m not about to go spend 600$+ on a ps3 just to play a few more songs..,

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