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Is there something you can boast and brag about?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21631points) October 5th, 2010

Could you easily become big-headed about something you have done/achieved or become well-known for?

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I was under the impression doing that at all makes you an arrogant D-bag lol. Are we allowed to brag now? Not that I would at all, I take the stance of Socrates: I don’t know anything.

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@Blackberry go on, tell us, I am sure you have made a major achievement!

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Yes my kids.

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Yeah, like @JustmeAman , I’ll go with my kid.

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Hmmm, well I manned the helm (drove the warship) that lead the chase of some drug smugglers in the ocean which resulted in the recovery of a few pounds of cocaine and marijuana. That was pretty cool, and fun.

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My eldest daughter (aged 5) told me last week “You’re the best dad a girl could have”. Which was nice.

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I’m attempting to play every NES game released in the United States roughly in chronological order, which can be read about over at my blog Juggle Chainsaws. My friends are always asking where I am now.

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Absolutely!!! Being alive, healthy, employed, and befriended and loved on the eve of another birthday!!!

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@Austinlad : Yeah, what @ZEPHYRA said… When’s the big day? Will there be a party? Will there be cake? Please say there will be cake!

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Thank you @ZEPHYRA and @JilltheTooth. It’s tomorrow. A marching band has been hired/

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Wow! You’ll be 39 tomorrow! Why, you don’t look a day over 38!

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@JilltheTooth—Yeah, me and Jack Benny.

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@Austinlad : We are a dying breed, we who understand that! (Where’s Bobo? He gets it!)

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Happy birthday @Austinlad !

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Yes, that I don’t really like to brag.

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Yes.. that I am the humblest person in the world.

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