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Does violent media really cause violence, or is it at least not good for children?

Asked by Drewseph (533points) October 5th, 2010

I saw porn when I was a kid, and I saw GTA gameplay videos on YouTube, but I was not a pervert or violent maniac like my friends, and they hadn’t even seen half of the stuff I had. In fact, porn taught me how stupid porn and the urge for sex was, and as for GTA, how stupid the characters in GTA were, and criminals in general. So did it really mess me up, or not…?

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I think there is a small subset that is affected by it. But they are unstable to start with. Watching a cat get hit by a car would probably set them off too.

Tens of millions play games and listen to Eminem. There is crazy shit once a month. That stuff happened before. We just didn’t have a 24 news cycle desperate for something to talk about so you never heard about it.

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I figure the world is becoming increasingly violent. There might be a value in people becoming conditioned to the fact. Sort of like combat training. If you weren’t trained and conditioned, you would freeze up and get killed.

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We have only your word for both of those statements. That is, that you viewed what you said you did, and that you were apparently not affected by what you saw. You could be lying about either of those remarks… or both.

If we believe, as we seem to, that exposure to simple nudity and gratuitous sex makes people desensitized to sexual acts and willing to break social norms in that area, then why wouldn’t we feel exactly the same way about exposure to excessive violence?

But hey, welcome to Fluther. I don’t suppose you’re lying, but we can’t just take your word for it, can we?

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If specific media outlets had a significant effect on mental stability, someone would have measured it by now.

The fact is that there would be a considerably greater number of people “acting out” if such things as GTA video games and pornography actually caused people to “act out”. The Grand Theft Auto series of video games has sold more than 125 MILLION copies worldwide so far. How many of those people would have to rob and kill a hooker before we can determine without a doubt that it was the video game that caused it? One percent? Ten?

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OK, these are good responses so far, but I’d just like to tell you guys some more details… Well, before I saw porn for the first time, I had oral sex (not even knowing what that was at the time…) so I was obviously perverted to begin with… LOL!.....

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It was with a Male friend…. We were six lol…

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Desensitization should only come with understanding. There are natural reasons high-level emotions are associated with violence and sex. Movies and games rarely offer this understanding, and even when they do there’s no guarantee the child will process things well.

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I’m pretty sure violence was around before media existed.

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Good question here is a website to help you answer your question.

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Back when the Edward the first, King of England and also known as Longshanks massacred all the Scots, video games and violent movies didn’t exist, right? :/

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I think it has to do with how the media respects the nature of violence, and how that respect is conveyed. I saw a really good movie when I was around 12, I can’t remember what it was, but there was a lot of violence in it. I was fine with it, because people showed pain and remorse and such. Around the same time though, a slasher film really disturbed me. The violence didn’t make sense.

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I think we’re all in agreement that violence in the media has increased.
And if you’re certain that the increase in violent media is the cause of a change in violence in the real world, you may want to take a gander at the numbers:

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There exists a body of peer reviewed scientific research that supports the notion that premature and persistent exposure to violence and gratuitous sex has an impact of the attitudes, beliefs and future behaviour of those individuals so exposed.

Some reading the the area of social psychology may lead you to some of the key studies in this area.

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Judging by the table @Sarcasm posted, I’d say many of the hooligans are too busy fapping and playing video games to commit any violent crime, as the rates have dropped dramatically since Super Nintendo was released. ^_^

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I think it depends on the person.. but majority? I don’t think it messes people up.

Do I understand why it’s blamed? Sure. It poses these ideas to people that it’s “cool” to be violent, aggressive, etc. There are games that rank your “ability” by how many people you kill, rob, etc & that garners you “respect.” Same thing with movies. It presents people with ideas. However, ultimately, regardless of being surrounded by that sort of “entertainment” the choices you make are solely on you.

For as many movies you see with violent themes, there’s enough being taught to you throughout your life that that behavior is “unacceptable.” Same with video games—just because you play a car thief beating up prostitutes, doesn’t mean it’s acceptable for your every day life.

I saw porn as a kid. Started watching rated R movies with I was 7. I play “violent” video games. My favorite movies now are horror films.

Would I ever do any of these things in my “real life?” Absolutely not. Because that’s my choice.

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I thought we had all agreed that Dungeons & Dragons was to blame.

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It can be one of several factors.

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