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Early signs? Spit up small amount of blood?

Asked by jegonza89 (38points) March 31st, 2008 from iPhone

I do smoke. Was voiching at work and spot up blood once. Tried again but nothing. Could this be a dental problem or something more serious.

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yes. it could be a dental problem, or something worse. for certain, if you cough up blood again soon, see a doctor.

also, what on earth does “voiching” mean?

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Doctor, now.

These are one of those symptoms to take very seriously. It sounds like you said you coughed it up, but your details are a tad unclear. Your lungs are critical to your survival. And blood can be a sign of disease or other seriously illness, which if that’s the case, you need to treat ASAP.

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Spargett is right. See your doctor. Something this potentially serious is not anything you want to ask about on the internet. While it could be nothing more than irritation from a bout of the flu, it could be life threatening, and it’s best to let your doctor find out the cause.

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yeah I’d seek medical attention asap. My dad caughed up blood and passed away hours later and was not sick that he knew of. Given he drank everyday, however not something to fool around with. I don’t mean to panic you I am sure you will not die but who wants to risk that.

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What’s “voiching”?
It could be from irritating your throat…

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Go to a doctor. Not Fluther.

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