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Is Westlife only for girls?

Asked by weeveeship (4619points) October 6th, 2010

I like to listen to Westlife. I am a guy.

This one dude I know tells me that Westlife is only for girls and sissy men. Is that true? I don’t really think so, as many of my friends overseas, both guys and girls, also listen to music from that band.

P.S. If you listen to Westlife, please let me know your favorite song of theirs.

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Westlife are for anyone who likes their music.

Personally, I think they produced bland and formulaic music, but the world would be a very dull place if we all had the same tastes.

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Hi. People have a tendency to associate certain things with certain groups, but in the end you define what sort of person you are. There is no end to labels and name calling, but what is important is you are happy with the sort of person you have turned out to be.
I personally love westlife, and i wouldnt consider myself sissy. i absolutely love the song ‘something right’ – it played a big part for me a few years ago, and every time i hear the song i feel like i am back at that time. The song ‘more than words’ is also really nice. Hell, i could go on forever with a list of their best songs XD

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No. Music is not for any one specific gender

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No, it’s just a (frequently wrong) stereotype. I’m not a big fan of Westlife but my favourite of theirs is Flying Without Wings.

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Westlife is not for girls, it’s for bored middle aged housewives.

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