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Can i watch MP4 files on a Droid phone?

Asked by JesusWasAJewbot (1500points) October 6th, 2010

I have a Mytouch 3G phone that runs Droid. I am trying to watch some .MP4 files on my phone but only the sound works on the program it comes installed with. I downloaded a few different apps but that didnt work either…some only gave me audio while others only showed video.

Are there any apps available to make this possible?

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an mp4 file is actually a ‘container’ for a different format. you can have two mp4 files that seem to be the same, but they can use totally different compression methods. im sorry to say but the only way you can play the file is probably to convert it

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I think you can try this software which can find it from google android market.Its name is “estrongs file explorer”.

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