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How can one remove candle wax from a carpet?

Asked by ChaosCross (2340points) October 6th, 2010

Hello, I’ve been having some serious trouble with removing some wax from my carpet in a house I will be moving to rather soon. Is there some kind of solution that would do the trick?

Thank you.

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Your best bet is to freeze it. They sell commercial stuff that does it. I have never used it on household carpet. But it works well on most things.

Or you could buy a rug.

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Not that i have ever tried this my self, but i would think a blow dryer to melt it and some toilet paper to soak it up could work.

maybe ask a carpet store for a sample similar to your carpet, (if its free) then put wax on it and see if it works.

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This may be helpful.

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^ I’ve used the iron technique, and it works. The key is to make sure the iron is on a very low heat. I use paper towels instead of a paper bag though. Now, if someone can help me find a way to get it out of the fireplace bricks…

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Before I knew about the ironing technique (which works), I took a plastic comb to the spot and broke up as much as I could. The action frayed many of the individual carpet “yarns,”(?) but the spot seemed to recover after some time.

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Another vote for the iron technique

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Brown paper and a medium hot iron. How to remove candle wax from a carpet describes how to do it. Good luck

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As others have stated: I used paper grocery bags and an iron to get the wax out of my mother’s carpet after my asshole of a BIL cranked the heat up in the house to 45 degrees Celsius after she died

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at room temperature most candle wax is brittle; I’d break it up as much as possible and vacuum to remove excess wax before trying anything else. I’d be concerned with the iron and paper technique that it might be too hot and might damage the fibers. BEFORE trying that, I’d try a commercial carpet cleaning machine loaded with cleaning solution and NEAR boiling water. The temperature is important so that it will melt the remaining wax and lift it with a vacuum. You can usually rent these machines at supermarkets and home depot type places, and you’ll no doubt want to clean your other rugs while you’re at it.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Same as iron technique only use a blow hair dryer instead of iron.

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@YARNLADY Thanks! I’ll give it a try tonight and let you know how it goes.

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i heard that if u use a blow dryer it breaks and crumbles

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