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What would Dubya have done in this situation?

Asked by Austinlad (16298points) October 6th, 2010

Look at this funny clip and just for fun, write a comment on how you think Bush, Palin or any other president or candidate might react. (I think Obama handled it masterfully.)

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I think he probably would have tried to fix it, or held it up while he continued to speak. he probably would have made the moment last a little longer and had more of a laugh at it.

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Obama – “That’s alright – all of you know who I am.”

Dubya – “I’m alright – do any of you know where I am?”

Palin – Whatever’s on the teleprompter. If that woman isn’t going to notice turkeys being beheaded behind here in an interview, I don’t think this would phase her.

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Dubya – “Damned Iraqis threw a shoe at me and missed, what makes them think they can hit me with the Presimadential plate, or uh, that ain’t right, the shield, heheheheheh, well, one of them two heheh”. :-p

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I actually feel W had a pretty decent sense of humor and probably would’ve said something comical too.

funny clip though, lol

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He certainly had a good sense of humor. Unfortunately it was usually expressed in the absurdity of his policy statements. I think he would have stood their blinking glacially for several minutes and then blamed it on terrorists.

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Consult his astrologer.

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@mattbrowne after appointing her to the Supreme Court…

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