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When taking a urine drug test do they test for urine temperature?

Asked by silky1 (1510points) October 6th, 2010

just wondering.

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Depends. sometimes they watch ya to make sure your not trying to cheat, others just let ya go in the bathroom by yourself. all depends on what its for really

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you need a hot water bottle and some plastic tubing you can run down your sleve… chances are they will want to watch you.

i have never heard of them testing the temperature.

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They have never watched me… but I dont do drugs so I have never had anything to worry about.

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No they don’t. But if you are planning on substituting urine from someone else, be prepared for random checks. FAA and DOT companies will do random checks.
Is this for employment? There maybe jail time and fines, depends where you live, when they find out.

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Well, if the cup is cold when you hand it to them, they’re gonna know.

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yes they do! the little bottle that holds the pee has a temperature strip on it. has to be body temp

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This may not apply to all types of tests, but the ones I’m familiar with will only work when the urine is at a certain temperature.

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Because if you brought along someone elses urine to be tested it will be room temperature, your pee will be body temperature. They are trying to reduce the risk of the possibility that you are cheating.

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you microwave it for a few secs then carry it to the place under your arm or in your crotch. This only works for unobserved tests

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Why is everyone assuming the OP wants to fool the system? Maybe they are just curious to why.

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I agree with @trailsillustrated. Every drug test I have taken has had the temperature checked to be sure it is a valid sample.

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Yup. And it has to be within a couple degrees of body temperature.

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When I have taken urine drug tests for employment, they have had us do every other requirement first (eye exam, paperwork, etc.) and then have us line up for the urine test. At that point, one person goes in the little bathroom alone, the water is turned off from outside of the bathroom, they pee in a cup with a temperature strip, hand it to the person administering the test and then they wash their hands in the hallway.

I’m sure not every company requires such rigorous testing… but my jobs (in biotech and medical settings) have been close to impossible to fake.

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Expert speaking:

I used to work as a drug screen tech for an occupational medicine company. Yes they check for temperature. DOT drug screen procedure (one of the standard drug and alcohol testing protocol providers) says that the temperature has to be between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s over or under they will make you recollect and it has to be observed (i.e. someone has to physically watch your pee come out of your body).

(I had no idea that the knowledge gained from that job would ever come up again…haha)

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