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What was your least favorite class in school?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) October 6th, 2010

I’m sitting in one of my least favorites. US History. Oy.

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I’m contemplating going back in time to murder the guy who invented Geometry. My favorite class is World History! Why do people hate it so much?

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Any kind of math.

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Biology. I only made it halfway through the school year before I had to quit. I couldn’t understand the teacher because he was a mumbler. As a nerdy non-confrontational kid, I wasn’t going to ask him to speak up. Our homework every night was to outline sections of the book. WTF? You know what I learned from that? How to skim the reading and make an outline! And those amoebas or whatever it was we were supposed to see under the microscope? No clue what they looked like because I never saw one. Makes me kind of sad because now there are so many biological things that I would like to know but have no clue about.

As for history, I think I liked it – especially U.S. history – because we traveled through the U.S. when I was a kid and I saw some of the places. It gave me a reference point in my head. I liked world history too.

I wonder how much of this is teacher dependent? I loved European history in high school. I got to college and took a European history course (1620 to 18-something) and could barely stay awake. It was at 10AM so it wasn’t like I was up terribly early for it. But the professor, he was a snooze. Even my very driven, very smart roommate barely squeaked a B- in that class. I took my C+ and ran.

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In university I’ll have to say the religion class (since the lecturer is dishonest) and Bahasa class (I’m not signing for that class,it’s just a required class).

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@noelleptc I taught US History for 11 years.

I was not a great English fan then…but now, wish I had been.

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Mathematics, i had a horrible bully of a teacher who made us all miserable. He would be done for child cruelty these days!

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ALGEBRA BAAAAD!said in the voice of Frankenstein.

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German, I literally had Hitler’s daughter as the teacher.

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@lucillelucillelucille I like algebra. The equation solving was fun. I hated history the way it was taught. So much bullshit.

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@noelleptc good gosh no….I was not crazy about it…I just wanted to coach and had to teach something! My class was fun. I always told my students that there were certainly key things that were important and those being, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Civil War. Never asked trick questions…if they took good notes, they had the test. Also, we spent a lot of time on current events.

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Mallorquin lessons, a silly half dead dialect derived from a mix of French, Spanish, Catalan and a couple of other languages. It used to take up 2–3 hours a week, and is totally useless as only a handful of people ever use it. The only reason they insist on teaching it is because the dictator Franco made it illegal. He may have been friends with Hitler, but I agree with him on outlawing Mallorquin.

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It depends on the period of my schooling. I used to love Maths and Science, then I started finding them really boring and unfulfilling. I became more interested in English once the assigned literature became the sort of books I enjoyed reading.

My first choice would probably be Health, which covered topics like sex ed, drugs, peer pressure, study skills, etc. It felt so patronising to be taught the same things every year, like I’m just going to forget where babies come from. On the other hand, the assignments were things like role plays and videos and putting condoms on vegetables, and since the class was compulsory, all you had to do was not be disruptive and you’d be up for an A.

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@iphigeneia I hated health too. I still do

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AP Algebra II, SICK.

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US History is a pain, especially if the teacher focuses on one war after another without adding in all the nifty cultural shifts (like Prohibition, and women’s suffrage, and the 60s)

I loved World History, and Humanities (basically history taught through the art, religion, and culture), but I had a really good teacher.

I hated every math class ever, and Economics, and American Government. I hated my junior year Advanced English class, too, but that’s because my teacher was an imbecile. And Health and Life Management Skills was a PITA, too. Again, teacher was an imbecile who kept “losing” my completed assignments. I ended up having to force her to grade my papers with me standing there, so I could watch her record it in her gradebook.

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I hated “world history” because of the way it was taught in school. It was rattling on about dead people, wars, names and places with no criterion for success other than memorization and spitting back the nonsense spewing from the teacher’s mouth. I would have loved an arts-and-culture centered history that had something meaningful to me in it, however.

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Math with the exception of Geometry (I was pretty good with that).

Algebra, Calculus, Trig. – I basically crammed and memorized so I could pass the tests and then promptly forgot everything. I could never really “learn” it.

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In general, it would be math. I’m just not a math-kid. I loved arithmetic in primary school and then the teachers went and confused me with long division and multiplication. Hasn’t been the same since. I went up to Calculus AB in high school then took Statistics as a freshman at university and haven’t had to take a math course since.

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LATIN! Grrrrrrrrrrr!

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Russian. And it was my major!

The teacher was Russian and used Russian pedagogical methods. I was not a happy puppy. I used to get stomach cramps before that class. Sometimes badly enough that it sent me running to the bathroom.

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In middle and high school, I hated gym more than anything else. I liked academics mostly, though I did have one terrible English teacher (something I love otherwise).

In college, my least favorite classes have been History of Photography and History of Design. Not because I’m not interested in the subject, but the teachers were pretty terrible.

I’m one of those total nerds who just genuinely love to learn, so I don’t usually have a least favorite subject, just least favorite teachers. :)

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A college class on “Geology of Virginia”. It sounded interesting, the field trips were great, but the writing was on the wall when it came to attempting to memorize periods and dates.

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@ParaParaYukiko – You reminded me of how much I hated gym. Except for floor hockey, the whole thing was just torture. Especially mandatory square dancing. And funny thing, I wasn’t fond of my History of Philosophy class in college either.

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I don’t know if I had a least favorite class or subject. I recall having least favorite teachers, but it seemed that a good teacher could keep me interested in any subject.

Foreign language was always the subject that gave me the most trouble, but for that reason it was one of my favorite classes.

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Algebra.Hated it. Still do:\

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I kind of liked all my classes

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Social Linguistics, Grammar, Math if its not Algebra!
Physics, biology, chemistry.

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Worst subject, as in recurring, math. For one thing, they sure could teach the applications along with to give it some semantic meaning and make it actually interesting. For another thing, they could spend less than half the semester reviewing the previous year. I typically don’t have much trouble with it though.

Worst class? HANDS DOWN, health. I fell asleep in that class on multiple occasions. I only had it for 2 or 3 weeks over the summer. I’m an insomniac. EPIC FAIL.

US History was one of my three favorite classes I ever took (I took it AP). The pace of learning, the sheer volume of information, the challenge on tests, etc. I had a really great, no-nonsense teacher too. I actually still have pretty much every outline and essay I did for that class 2 years later and it’s a pretty epic pile.

I think my enjoying/hating of a subject usually has a lot less to do with the subject itself and more with the teacher and the learning pace. For example, health and AP Psychology taught most of the same sort of info, but Psych taught info I didn’t already know in an interesting way at a fairly fast pace with a much more involved teacher, and is therefore on my top 3. The other class on my top 3 is AP physics, mostly because it taught me how to actually USE math.

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Any foreign language class. I always felt totally lost.

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@Austinlad yeah, I can somewhat understand that. I think the idea of taking a class on a foreign language is kind of ridiculous. You really have to immerse yourself in the culture itself to really learn a language, and not only that, but the classroom setting is almost always totally different from anywhere you’ll actually be using the language, which especially creates problems when dealing with formal terms, etc. (such as in a high school class, I referred to everyone but the professor in the informal, familiar “tu” form, but when I actually got a job, whenever I used Spanish I had to get used to the formal/unfamiliar “Usted” form as the default form). The only reason I even knew Spanish at all was because I’d gone to elementary schools that were like 98% Mexican.

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Latin – it seem just useless to me and I have a teacher who has a witch look,it’s very creepy

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I loved Medieval and US History. World History was a bit mediocre. It’s a little too long of a time period/too big of an area to go over in one year/semester. Otherwise I probably would have enjoyed it more.

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I hated sports/phys ed so much it made me suicidal.

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I hated all algebra classes I had to take. The teachers for the most part were great but they couldn’t explain it to me so I could understand it.
But I loved all my other classes especially biology and chemistry.

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I always loved chemistry, biology, astronomy (actually anything science related), social studies, history, geography, all my math courses. The one thing I always hated was writing skills, spelling and most anything to do with this topic. Nothing fun about learning proper puncuation. I always hated foreign language courses as well.

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Least favorite: Math, it might as well have been Martian, plus I had a teacher in 7th grade that humiliated me in front of the class and made an already difficult subject unbearable.

Favorite: Art History
2nd Favorite: Music History

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Probably math. And i don’t think i liked English that much either, mostly because we had to do speeches sometimes… :0

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It’s nice to know that I wasn’t the only one who had to suffer through Latin! Heh!

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Math. Don’t get me wrong, I like math. I’m just not any good at it, so class becomes an hour or so of metaphorically beating my head against the desk. Not fun.

One of the most interesting times that I had in a US History class was when we were studying the Battle of Gettysburg. The teacher – also a soccer coach, so he used circles, crosses, and lots of arrows – drew a map of the area and the sizes and locations of the various forces on the African-American board blackboard and proceeded to show us how the battle unfolded.

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General Education.

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It depends on which school and which grade.

I liked all subjects till 6th grade primary.

Then I disliked Chemistry.

Later I avoided Physics and Chemistry as often as I could.

Yet later I was disgusted by some subjects like “Defense and Protection” or “Socialism” (as we called the subject that was supposed to be Social Sciences).

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