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Do you still like a past "love interest" even though you know it will never work with them?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) October 6th, 2010

I still have feelings for someone I dated and is a good friend, I know he’s still interested but I seriously doubt it would work and don’t want to risk losing him as a friend.

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I am close friends with several of my ex-gfs.
I don’t understand how many people can cut people they had strong feelings for out of their lives.

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@filmfann, because not all relationships end well so those bad ones? It is very easy to cut them right the hell out and not think twice.

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What were the reasons it didn’t work out the first time? Do those issues still exist? If so, it isn’t going to work out this time either. I have tried to get back with an ex and it didn’t work out for me. He still had all the issues I dumped him for previously so I was viewing our second chance as an excuse to get laid and he was trying to the best of his ability to make it work—it was a disaster and didn’t end well. If you like the way things are now as friends then I would leave it as such.

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It couldn’t work then and it can’t work now, but I still find myself thinking about her far more often than I would have expected. In a perfect world….

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Of course I like my old boyfriends!
Except one.
it doesn’t mean I want a romantic relationship with them any more

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I am still friends with several old lovers, infact, spent the day with one of them on Saturday.

Not enough compatability to sustain a relationship, but enough to be friends.

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Yes I like most of my past love interests as there was a time where there were likeable reasons to be together. Just because things didn’t work out is not a reason to not like them.

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Sure! I’ve attended a few of their weddings, and still chat with some of them.

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Two come to mind, yes.

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No. I have have past love interests that morphed into friends but none of them do I look at and think to give it a go again with romantically. I am happiest when ex love interests go on to find wonderful better matches… as long as they weren’t evil to me while we were involved.~

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I have one past love interest that I’m still good friends with. Wouldn’t do the sex thing again though, we weren’t so compatible in that area.

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Yes. There’s someone I think about a lot. I think I’ll always remember him fondly.

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Yes, for the better but yes.

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Haha helll no. I’ll never forgive my ex- girlfriend. She took away the friendship we had, it was all her loss anyways. we could have stayed together but she decided to cheat on me. So you know what, screw it. We haven’t talked in 2–3 yrs now.

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