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Falcon Northwest – the ferrari of computers.

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MacBook Pro

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I am not a brand snob at all and I agree with Apple. You pay for what you get.

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Asus. (After the Apples, or if you don’t like OSX… windows on the apple runs funny.)

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Apple – MacBook Pro

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According to Consumer Reports, the Apple – MacBook Pro. They are pricey though.

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Apple is pricey, because the software doesn’t make you want to kill yourself.

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@Aesthetic_Mess They actually make some very decent and durable laptops. Most of them are the highest rated by any other brand.

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The “best period” really depends on your personal needs

Best for natively running all three major desktop OS’es (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) == Apple MacBook Pro

Best for long battery life with the built-in battery (not some wart hanging on the outside) == Apple MacBook Pro

Best for immediate service in support in person == Apple MacBook Pro

Best for included backup utility == Apple MacBook Pro

But… do you need a docking station? Is there not an Apple Store near you? Is price of paramount importance to you? Must you only ever be inflicted with use Windows? Do you think anti-virus ain’t really a problem to worry about? Are you already heavily invested in Windows-only software? Do you desire an integrated Blu-Ray drive? Or TV tuner?

Those questions, and many more, should be considered. If they’re a key driver, then look at Sony, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, etc. Mostly, those brands are driven by bargain-basement commodity pricing, so you should be able to get a pretty good deal.

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Frankly, there is no ‘Period’. It varies amazingly depending on what you want:

Apple- stability, but at a lack of options/customizability in software and hardware. And it’s only natively best for those OSes because Apple refuses to let other people touch their toys. But anyway…

And then the PCs, which, yes, can be less stable, but offer worlds more options:

Falcon Northwest/Alienware- yes, they’re not the same, but they give the same thing, damn pricy, but damn powerful, computers that are very well built.

IBuyPower- my personal favorite, still very good hardware and build, but significantly less pricy then the two above.

Toshiba/Lenovo- I’ve heard good things about both, nice computers without the power of those above but a little more use friendly, and much less expensive.

Dell/HP- good if you like really big headaches.

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fyi: Alienware operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Dell.

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I don’t actually know from experience, but I just ordered one (the Terra HD, to be precise) and am really excited about it, especially since people seem to be enthusiastic about it :)

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As with most things, there is no single “best”. Apple is unique in its consistent high quality across the lineup. But a Mac isn’t suited to everyone.

You need to list your wants/needs and shop accordingly.

Off the top of my head, here are some features to consider:
Size & weight
Hard drive size
Screen size
Bundled software
Modem included
4G WiMax included
Operating system
Linux compatibility

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Lenovo, reliable and well built.
I’m a PC not so much a Mac fan? Apple software is very ” restricting” unless you decide to get your Mac OS X Windows compatible, which needs a relatively fast computer to run, and adds to your price. They’re expensive in general. This is just a opinion of mine however.

Not all Lenovo models are “Ugly”, there Ideapad series are quite pleasing to the eye.

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@robmandu oh, right, forgot dell bought them out. You can just pretend it only says ‘Falcon Northwest” then.

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My problem with Apple/Macs is the lack of customization (and the fact that overall I find Windows to be better and the problems I’ve had with Mac OS have really begun to annoy the shit out of me). Apple laptops are sleek and slim and that’s great, but not as many options available. It depends on what you want. Apple is expensive as fuck, especially if you want something like a solid state drive.

Either way, I have a Mac and an old PC and I will soon be getting a new PC.

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I hate to sound like a broken record, but everyone has been correct. Apple has the best laptops.

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