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About how much should it cost for a man to have his back waxed?

Asked by GeorgeGee (4920points) October 6th, 2010

a-la 40 year old virgin

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I am not sure,but I would do it today for free as I am alittle crabby.
I would call a salon ;)

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Don’t do it. Just shave. I shave my husbands back for him, well we use one of those electric things that trim very close.

I bet it is expensive to get a wax, I think it was something like $50 years ago when I was a teen to wax my legs.

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According to this site, it’s $50–65 depending upon where you are located and whether you choose a salon or a resort. And you can always upgrade to the “Triple Crown Wax.” :)

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By the way,the laser hair removal works pretty well I did in my bikini area and underarms. There are a avriety of lasers out there, if you are seriously interested I will find out which one my doc uses. It’s $100 per tratment where I go, but it is more permanent. The laser I do is practically painless, the ones that are painful, I think also have more scarring and other problems. I did 6 treatments and the reduction in hair growth is about 80%. I think it was worth it.

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