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Where can I find a replacement car sun visor?

Asked by holli (487points) October 6th, 2010

The sun visor in my car busted and now hangs down constantly unless I use my Macgyver rubberband/paperclip creation to hold it up out of my view. When I called the dealership they said it would be 200+ dollars! And I have not been able to find one online. Any suggestions?
2005 Mazda RX-8

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Do you have any junk yards around there? They may have one and it may be cheaper than the dealer.

There’s also this place. And eBay.

Probably tons of places.

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Used parts yard that specialize in Import Car parts. I know in my state there are couple that have cars for parts up to 15 years old.

Does it include a a mirror with light? That will drive the price up.

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Same thing happened to mine. I was able to find a sun visor for my 1997 Nissan Sentra on eBay for around 25$, I think.

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when things break in my car i go to the hardware store and make a menacing looking replacement. When the electric window stopped working i made myself a crank.

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@FiRE_MaN Next thing you’ll be telling us is that you use a key to unlock your door. And you use little knobs to lock and unlock it from the inside.

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@mrentropy no haha i dont lock that thing i even leave the keys in the ignition.

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