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Should I have a pedicure?

Asked by josie (28668points) October 6th, 2010

I won a pedicure in raffle. I have never had a pedicure, and to be honest, I do not know what is involved other than they will probably clip my toenails.
And the truth is, my toenails could use some clipping.
But I always thought a pedicure is something that girls seem to appreciate.
So I thought about giving it to my girlfriend.
But I am kind of curious about it.
Should I have it myself? I don’t need extra points with my girlfriend. I am pretty nice to her, and she seems to be pretty happy with me in general.
What happens in a pedicure beyond getting out some heavy duty toenail clippers?
Does it hurt?

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Does it hurt? Man up and get the pedicure.

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Doesn’t hurt at all. Pamper yourself.

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It’s awesome. Go get it.

I think if they want to razor your foot (yeah, that’s a thing) you might want to pass it up though.

ALSO, they’ll ask you if you want something while you’re getting the pedicure. It’s better you always refuse. What you end up getting will probably cost an extra five to ten bucks each time she asks. ;-)

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They give your feet a good scrubbing and slough off the dead skin and around the ankles, too. Then you get a bit of a calf massage. Then they clean up your toes, get rid of any hangnails and clip the toenails. It’s nice. Men here get them all the time.

Whatever you don’t want, you can say “no” to.

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You’ll most likely have your feet soaked, washed and massaged (as well as your calves). They may sand down the rough spots or any calloused areas. They will clip your toenails and potentially buff them, but you can decline that. It’s nice, you should get it!

Oh. What April said.. I was 5 seconds too slow. lol.

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Buy your gf one and do it together.

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Pedicures rock. It’s being pampered. Let them razor your feet if they try to. I knew a guy who had a horrible foor odor problem. He went and had a pedicure and they razored off some callus from his feet and now he can take his shoes off without killing us.

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@kevbo has it right. She will love going with you and the whole pedicure experience is fun.

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Real men get pedicures.

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Bite the bullet nail and go for it !!!

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Do it, you’ll love it. Then you can stop snagging the sheets;-)

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Yes, do it! Several of my male friends get them and really enjoy it. Take a book or magazine, unless you like People and female-based magazines; also music if you have an MP3 player. Hopefully, the place will have the massage chairs. Definitely do not let them allow to use a blade to shave skin from the bottom of your feet. And yes, take kevbo’s advice.

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@Pied_Pfeffer The massage chairs hurt my back, so I won’t allow them to turn it on. But I’m sure a lot of people really like the massage.
@josie If you end up going, come back and let us know about your experience.

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The calf massage is fantastic! What hurt me was the filing of the nails. It felt like they were filing the skin down to the bone. I’m exaggerating. But I liked it because it was a nail salon packed to the walls with ladies getting pedicures! My daughter sat in the adjacent chair so that helped.

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My husband just asked me if he should get one last night :) and I say absolutely! It feels great! Go with someone and just chill out and talk. We’re gonna go together. The only thing that might have “hurt” was the filing, but truthfully I don’t really consider it painful as much as it is uncomfortable. I personally don’t care for the massage chairs, but you may love it. All you have to do is ask them to turn it off if you don’t. The BEST part of a pedi? The leg massage!!!

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Sweet lord, please do it. Sorry guys, but there is nothing more unappealing to me than when men let their feet get all raggedy and ashy, and then touch me with ‘em or show them off in Birkies or Tevas. I don’t know what the weather’s like where you are, but I couldn’t be happier that the mandals are going back in the closet ‘round these parts. And I don’t like manscaping in general, but it seems pretty basic to me to keep your feet (and hands) tidy. Plus, as others have noted, the massage is nice. I agree that a pumice stone is vastly preferable to a razor to address calluses, and if they ask you whether you want your cuticles clipped or just pushed back, say no to clipping (it can open the door to infections).

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Ha ha, very interesting question. Personally I would say do it if you want to. To me however it is more of a personal issue than a “guy” thing for the very fact I am not comfortable with any stranger observing, touching certain body parts of mine, especially my feet. I already take care of mine so I get to avoid this issue altogether.

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Just yes.

It will feel awesome.

Women dig men that take care of their feet.

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Yes but don’t let them paint your nails.

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Yes, get the pedicure for yourself. The clipping shouldn’t hurt either. They’ll soak your feet, scrub them all around nicely, clip away dry hangnails, trim overgrown cuticles, file the nail edges smooth and give you an excellent (hopefully) foot and leg massage. It’s a great hour of pampering that you probably don’t give yourself, good for the circulation, nerves and for me when I do it, it puts me to sleep for a needed nap. I always sleep good that night too.

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Pamper yourself . Men get pedicures. Feels good. Foot massage.

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Although I like the idea of a pedicure, I’ve been hearing lately that many salons and spas do not follow proper cleaning methods for their tools and work stations. You might want to check out this link to see what the salons should be doing. I’m not sure how you would know for sure what procedures your particular salon follows without just going over there and observing and asking lots of questions.

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