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Of all the places you have visited, where have you found the people to be the most polite/friendly?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25260points) October 6th, 2010

I couldn’t get over the service and friendliness I experienced in America last month. Everyone went out of their way to be helpful and welcoming towards me and it got me thinking that this felt like a novelty as I don’t experience this attitude so often in Britain.

I also loved the Greek for a very similar reason. They were so friendly and appeared genuinly happy.

How about you and your experiences with people around the world?

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Awww. Of course we Americans are helpful and welcoming! ^^
I think that you got lucky, though… there are some pretty nasty ones out there.

I haven’t found that one group of people is more welcoming than another, but I’ve only ever been to Mexico, Spain, Belize, and America…

Although, I do think that people from the southern states are generally more polite, in my experience. That whole southern charm thing.

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Friendliest place in Britain: Newcastle upon Tyne. Geordies are the best.
Going further afield I found the people of the Netherlands to be very friendly.

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Honestly, nowhere. People are people, no matter where you go. I did enjoy being in Britain, because it was different. It wasn’t so much bad customer service, so much as that the focus was on actually doing the job, and not forcing a smile on their face. I appreciated the honesty in not pretending like waiting tables was really the most fulfilling thing they could possibly imagine. I often think the people at my local coffee shops are secretly saying “Die in a fire” to me with their forced smiles.

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Now, @papayalily – what if they’re thinking the same thing about you? ;-)

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@downtide I agree with you about Geordies! I’ve yet to meet one that can’t charm the birds out of the trees!

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I was treated wonderfully in Germany, China and England. Not so much in Milwaukee.

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It does seem to me that people that live in the southern states (in US) are more friendly than in the north.

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@troubleinharlem and @chyna I was in California and Nevada and I absolutely fell in love with the people!

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@Leanne1986 There’s something about those west coast girls and guys!

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You might enjoy the answers to this similar question as well.

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The service is truly excellent, and they’re very, very polite… at least in comparison to the UK.

The downside is that when in a situation where I would be friendly – in a shop, for example, they are not, to the point of diffidence.

They’re very friendly in well-defiened social situations, but I think I might kill a Japanese person the next time they express amazement that I can use chopsticks.

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My experience is that outstanding customer service usually resides in smaller towns and where they rely on tourism, e.g. Disney World, Las Vegas and resorts. My SO lives in a small town in England, and the people are fabulous there. He says that it is because they are not used to having an American Bird wandering around.

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@chyna interesting observation about the southern US being friendlier than the north. In the UK it’s the other way round. The nearer to London, the less friendly people are.

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@downtide I think that goes for any metropolitan city where people are residents for reasons other than tourism. Even some of the larger cities in the southern US are noted for their southern hospitality.

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@iamthemob… Then…. I don’t know. I don’t really care if that’s what they think I’m trying to say. Was what I posted mean or something?

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I’m not joking neither.

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The most polite people I’ve encountered in my travels were in London and Japan (Nagano). But there was a level of formality in those encounters. The friendliest – without being formal or overwhelmingly personal/schmoozy – is in North Carolina, where I live now. I like that I get good eye contact and genuinely friendly smiles even in brief exchanges.

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Bermuda. And interestingly enough Egypt.

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The native Fijians.

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The Outer Banks of North Carolina :)

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The Greek Cyclades- but then they make their money from tourism. But everyone seemed to enjoy working in their restaurants and stores. I had such a good time there.

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@downtide I agree with you about Geordies!

In the world as a whole, I have experienced the warmest and most generous welcome in Brazil.

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Now I want to go and visit the Geordies!

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Key West, Florida and Bowie, Texas.

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Thailand is the land of a thousand smiles. The people there are amazingly friendly.

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North Carolina.

Really friendly people around there

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New Orleans

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chapel hill, nc

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I had the best experience in England. Everybody was so nice and polite and helpful to me and my Mom. Maybe it’s because we’re Americans and we were novelties, just like you as a British citizen, were a novelty when you were visiting the U.S.

I have to say, that most of the people on my tour bus (all Americans) acted atrociously. They were the epitome of the term “ugly American.” They all complained about the lack of ice and air-conditioning. England was experiencing a rare heat wave when we visited and I kept explaining to people in our group that air-conditiong is not really necessary in England’s normally temperate climate. And if you politelly asked for ice, you would get ice, no problem. These people bellyached about everything that was different than in the U.S. I kept wondering why they bothered to travel abroad if they didn’t want to have different experiences. I for one, absolutely loved England and all the English people that we encountered. But I was sorely disappointed that I didn’t bump into Paul McCartney in the street. Ha Ha Ha.

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People in Georgia were ridiculously nice to my friend and I. It was kind of frightening.

Maui was really chill too, very laid back and everyone was very kind.

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This thread makes me happy. It makes me realise that there are friendly people everywhere.

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I can very the Geordies! I have family from that part of England
and they’re all so charming and have a delightful sense of humor!

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I meant verify**... oh man..

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1) Egypt
2) USA
3) Italy
4) Spain

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Germany, India and Ireland

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