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Can someone translate "Voy perdiendo el suelo... " into English for me?

Asked by Zyx (4155points) October 6th, 2010

It’s from the song “becoming insane” by “infected mushroom” and I was able to translate the rest of it with wiktionary. Translating text seemed like a good place to start since I already know a little latin and french.

I’m already planning on joining another community for the myriad of language related questions I’ll be asking in the future, but I have no patience.

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“I am losing ground”

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Thanks! I’d gotten as far as “Go” “Lose” “Ground” but this makes a LOT more sense.

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Similar to “losing touch” or “losing connection”. In context, it would make no sense to a non-native speaker to translate “I’m losing my soil”. Think a non English speaker reading “losing my shit”. I think @Face_of_the_Water has it right.

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Every language has it’s sayings/phrases – one must be careful when using translators because you can’t get the meaning. I mean, what do you think a non-native english speaker would think when translating:

- across the pond [ie across the atlantic]
– on the money
– hair of the dog



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@squirbel Though I honestly make less mistakes in English than I do in my mothertongue I have never heard “hair of the dog”. I’ve already been made aware things have a context in language as well as text but thanks for caring.

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is ground supposed to be the translation of sueno?

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