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What silly, inane thing do you say in lieu of profanity?

Asked by robmandu (21285points) March 31st, 2008

I just said, “Jeez frickin’ Louise” in conversation. Seems to me I’d come off better a) not saying anything at that point, or b) cussing a blue streak non-stop, or c) simply changing the subject.

What the fajita do y’all say?

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nice tags (LOL)-my default ones are “oh snap!” and “what in tarnation?” I like the old timer ones…

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I like to say crappity smack . I was on a message board that had filters on it, and that was one of the “alternative words”. It cracked me up, so I have fun with it now.
And here’s another. If someone says something outlandish or unbeleiveable to me I say Shut the front door. with a lot of emphasis on the letter f!! That one is an original of mine.

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I used to use the wise words of Chris Farley and say Shnikes when I was about to say another word and noticed a person of authority was near

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Frick, fricken, fetch, fetcher, flipper, shiz, got down sat on a bench ( for god damn son of a bitch)..... I could go on and on.

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I watched a movie called Johnny Dangerously, and the criminals in it said “fargin bastages” and “iceholes”. I got a big kick out of that!

On of my patients at work likes to say Oh sugar!

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I am trying to single handedly bring back “Heavens to Betsy!” So if any of you want to help, that’s be great.

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@scamp: A lot of people actually use shut the front door.
I use baitch (with a long I sound before the t), baistard (with the same I sound), Frick, mother F. And many more! Haha.

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Instead of calling people shitheads, I just call them knuckeheads.

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@dpena2009 really? I never heard anyone use it before. I thought I created an original. or maybe I did and it spread!

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My dad uses “Cotten pickin’”

These are terms generated during heated Goldeneye, Nightfire, and Super Smash Brothers gameplay with my friends…
“Stink Muffins”
“Holy Cat Butter”
“Where am I? Who am I? What did I have for lunch?”

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Sweet merciful crap! (borrowed from the Simpsons)
Sweet zombie Jesus! (also borrowed from the Simpsons)
Sweet fancy Moses! (borrowed from Seinfeld)
Sweet fancy molancy!
Jeesum petes.
Jeesum crow.
Jebus H. Chreesto.
Newman! (borrowed from Seinfeld)

clearly I watch too much TV

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Oh, and the always popular: “What the fudge?”

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well I just say SF for s*%t fire! Or dang man like joe dirt LOL

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I use funkybuttlovin.

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my brother and I used to say this one all the time when we were younger, but I still catch myself saying it occasionally…“son of a biscuit eater”

and then there’s “what tha what tha?” – a friend of mine says this and I guess I’ve picked it up from her

“dad gum”
“arss” – probably picked this one up from Braveheart

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I’ve been known to come up with the most random inane expletives…

“son of a motherless sea mammal!”
“crack donkey”
The list keeps going and going, but I’m having a brain fart and can’t think of anymore.

Although once my friends cracked up laughing for 20 minutes when we were sitting around studying and all was silent when I remembered something important and I blurted out loudly “sweet mother of megatron!!”

I have issues…

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@bsilver – you reminded me of another one I say occasionally…

“son of a motherless goat”

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@bsilver: Oh, that is funny! Your phrases remind me of the old Batman and Robin where Robin would say things like “Holy Crimescene, Batman!” It also reminded me of one my brother and I would say when Mario fell down a hole, or got stomped on by a Goomba when we would play NES: “Cuando Irritando”. It means nothing, but I still say it.

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@ccatron, I also loves me some ¡Three Amigos!.

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@robmandu – haha! i didn’t realize that I picked it up from that movie. i haven’t seen Three Amigos in ages. “Oh, great. You killed the invisible swordsman! ”

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I’m totally cracking up here!!!
I use “fudge” and “crud” a lot but thanks to you guys, my speech just became a whole lot more colorful!!!

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All of the above, but here is a phrase I commonly use – Siss on you pister, if you want so mucking fuch, go in your own jackyard and backoff, and see how your feter peels!

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i often go back to the 1800s and say “oh bullocks”. also, “oh my fu*k” and “darness”

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“Cheese and crackers!” instead of “Jesus Christ!”

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I just remembered another one. If my Mother got cut off while driving, she would call the offending driver a dumb bunny. We always acted like we were so shocked to hear her use such hard language, ha ha!!

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omg those are all so good! Please keep going ha ha ha

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ISteve we also have one like that. Chuck you farley and you whole fam damily, go backoff in your own jack yard an see how your feeter peels. My wifes friends kids like to test their mom and say “sonofa…..” or “what the ffff…..” Their mom says Fudge ripple!! My wife just says Pecker! That has caught on at her office. There is also futher mucker. Holy shnikees, cheese and rice!, fluffy biscuits!, flippin A, mother trucker! Too many.

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Actually, I’m bulbatron, but who cares? I like yours, too!

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My wife and her family calls people “Donkeys” I suppose in place of a _ _.

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We use “sofa king stupid” in place of “so fu*# ing stupid”. You can put any word after sofa king like “He is sofa king ugly!”

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@cornman How about this one – “I am we taught it! I am sofa king we taught it!”

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This thread is so entertaining!

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Just came across this article where the author uses jacktastic in the last paragraph.

[ Mentally adding to my list alongside crappity smack, sofa king, and holy cat butter. ]

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it wasn’t a curse, but in Montana where I grew up I once heard an old man say that the 24 foot long U-haul we were using to get firewood in was ” ‘bout as useful as a milk bucket under a bull!”

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I just remembered one that we say every once in a while…this guy in college used to say it all of the time, so we would mimic the way he said it, which made it funnier to say.

“what the blazes?”

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We also say “son of a bisquit eater!”

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When I was a kid I watched bugs and fred and all those toons, so now that I’m older I use; gasafrackin, Dinopepto, Brontosaurus tail!! and many more. So kid once told me I reminded him of the dad from A Christmas Story when i got mad!! I think Heavens to Betsy is still a good and how about Holy (insert anything) ex: Holy Chicken Rice!!

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I forgot the classic Good Googley moogley!!

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My son used to require the services of a speech therapist. The first time we all heard him say “What the cwap?” it tickled me pink. I go around saying it all the time, it has even started catching on at work.

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Oh, and if I catch myself before cussing, sometimes I’ll say “What the fffffff…fart?”

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My sister and I invented the term “What the pudding?” I also say “helk” sometimes, in place of “hell”. =D

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