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What does your dog know about you?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7785points) October 6th, 2010

whatever the pet:

whether cat, dog, iguana, hamster, etc., it watches you. early in the morning, during the day, late at night.

you know a lot about your dog and his/her ways, habits, character, eating times, scratching times, cleaning times, etc. if your pet could talk, what would he say “or expose” about you and your, er uh, habits, uh, good or bad?

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Nothing, they know where their next meal is coming from.

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My dog knows I iron naked, really like slices of cheese, Cup o’ Noodles, lying around watching Netflix on my days off and what I look like on the patio while plucking my eyebrows in the sunlight.

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There’s a reason I close my bedroom door. I don’t need all the neighborhood dogs knowing my business. Don’t think I don’t know what y’all are howling at each other over the fence!

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@Neizvestnaya dont know if i want to be a dog on the floor or a fly on the wall.

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My cat knows when I don’t have time to play with him. He knows how to tell me anything he wants and that he’ll get it if he’s willing to beg for an hour. He knows I won’t hurt him when I lift him up or hug him. He recognizes the sound of my footsteps.

Unfortunately he doesn’t know why he can’t come on vacation :(

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If I had a pet, I would not care what they knew as long as they never learn to talk:~)

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@AmWiser i agree. dont want my dog to talk either.

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@WestRiverrat: GO ALPHA MEMBER! dude, you wanna eat, you better shut the hell up or else…

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My dog knows all about me. He knows what side I prefer to lay on at night. He knows when I snack between meals (cause he’s there hoping for some). He knows my moods.

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Good thing for me turtles don’t talk.

mickhock's avatar

He knows that i wear the wifes clothes and masturbate in front of the mirror shouting OH YEAH BABY ! HIT ME TILL IT STINGS

CyanoticWasp's avatar

What the dorg knows stays with the dorg.

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I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.

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I don’t care about @AmWiser anymore.
Let’s all hope @chyna ‘s pet doesn’t learn to talk.

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I sleep in the nude.

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Misty and only Misty hears every word I utter in my sleep. I wish she could report back.

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She knows I like to run around in my underwear and eat cheese doodles.She likes them too.

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She knows that every day must begin and end with snuggle time.

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What my crotch smells like. What my cheeks taste like.

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Well when you say it watches us morning, noon and night…That’s not so true for me. She’s blind so she can’t see at all. But I know she can sense and smell. But obvious what my crotch smells like (especially at night….) what I say to get her excited, but I’m not exactly sure what she would expose about me…Maybe that my crotch smells like I’ve been masturbating….but that’s probably about it…. Good question though.

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My dog is a ghost and she wants to go for a virtual bike ride with me because she knows how much fun we have doing that together.

I want to go on a real bike ride with her.

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If I had a dog, he would know that my cat knows EVERYTHING about me… and he would know to keeps lots of carpet between the two of us !!!

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@wundayatta I am twelve and what is this?

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@josie What goes on behind closed doors is anyones guess ?

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My dog knows that our family is chaotic, and messed up. Even though he lives outside, he knows when we have problems, and he gets kind of depressed.

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@Zyx I miss my dog, even though she died more than thirty years ago.

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@wundayatta Sorry to hear it man. I know my cat can’t live to be a hundred but I can’t imagine ever getting over him either. The “virtual bike ride” confused me for a minute.

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My dog know when I’ sad or in pain. If I’m in pain he’ll sit beside me and lick my hand or arm. He’d lick the wound If I let him. If I’m sad he get the “rag bone” and lay it on my lap. He knows I’m a for a game of tough-of-war or catch.

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