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Do you believe that outer space aliens have visited us or that they walk among us?

Asked by josie (30926points) October 6th, 2010

I have a buddy I grew up with that believes that space aliens have visited Earth. I will not go into the convoluted logic that allows him to come to this conclusion. It is sort of like people who believe there is a God. He has simply decided that it is true. I love the dude, but there is no arguing with him about space aliens.
But a whole lot of people on Earth believe in God.
So I figure the same logical progression would lead at least some of them to believe that space aliens had visited or where actually here.
I would like to know if any Flutherites believe that space aliens have checked us out, or if they are actually here.
Do you think so?
Why do you think so?

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I highly doubt it.

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maybe we are actually the Aliens!! Human race was brought to Earth by Aliens! oooooo

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I guess I’m going against the grain here.. but, yes. Sure. Why not?

I find it a little hard to believe that out of all the planets & all the galaxies that we’re the only life form of our kind.

Haven’t we traveled to other planets looking for life & resources? Why wouldn’t other species do the same thing?

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I’m a Sitchin follower.

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@mrentropy What does that mean? :)

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Zecharia Sitchin is a crackpot learned scholar who put forth the idea that there is another planet in our solar system, but that has such a highly elliptical orbit that it only passes by every few thousand years. This planet is populated by beings who visited Earth long, long ago.

These people needed to mine gold so they could seed their atmosphere with it, using it as an insulation, so the planet would stay warm during the time it’s far away from the sun. They got kind of lazy and manipulated the DNA of the ape critters that roamed the Earth at the time, thus kick starting the human race.

This new human race considered these other beings as gods, which gave rise to the Sumerian gods. Etc, etc.

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The topic of God and aliens are two seperate issues. A good majority of atheist/agnostic astronomers already believe (not all but most of them I’ve read about) that alien life is very likely given the size of just our galaxy alone (which is bigger beyond imagination) let alone the entire universe. The possible existence of aliens does not violate evolution, old aged universe and many other physicalist scientific theories unlike the paranormal or god issue so I do not think they are very comparable.

Personally I find it is very possible aliens could have visited us but I’m not sure of it but I accept it’s possible. I am probally more sure that alien life most likely exists elsewhere however (many of which most likely havn’t contacted us). I think it’s wackier to believe we are the only ones in this giant Universe. I don’t believe every UFO story I hear either.

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I so want to go with this premise. I want to imagine how there could be a species of beings that looks so much like us and never gets in accidents or sick or anything so they never end up in a human hospital and gets found out. I mean, there must be a way for this to happen?! Right?

No, wait! The aliens are in cahoots with the Fifth Ring of Power (you haven’t heard of them before, have you?) So all the aliens have transponders built into them and when they get hurt, the FRP immediately intervenes to make sure they are seen only by alien doctors in special alien hospital rooms, where the light can be made to resemble that from their home planet.

In fact, all the aliens need time in their own special light boxes, or they begin to grow thin and act stupid. One of them streaked across the field during the third game of the 2008 World Series. It was a hell of a time getting him free.

Some wonder if the FRP is actually controlling the aliens rather than the other way around, but it really doesn’t matter. What really matters is that they are abducting human children for experiments. Some have intimated that the experiments are of a sexual nature, but those people have a funny way of disapp…...

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^ What @wundayatta said.

And no, I don’t believe there’s any hard evidence of such things happening, that I know of. Though, if you read “Fingerprints of the Gods”, by Graham Hancock, the anecdotal “evidence” is pretty amusing to think about.

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It certainly seems like a good possibility that there is life on other planets. But that life may be in the form of fungus or bacteria or it could be in a form that is so much further advanced than our own, that they could have come to earth and left without our ever knowing about it. Or our evolutionary ancestors could have been brought here from another planet billions of years ago. It’s all very interesting to think about. Does anyone remember that show from the 70’s called “In Search Of” hosted by Leonard Nimoy? They always talked about stuff like this and it was very fascinating although it left more questions than answers.

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lol @Frenchfry might be on to something… Thetans, anyone?

In most people I’d put it down to wishful thinking, probably as a result of too much exposure to science fiction. I mean, sure I’m kind of hoping that my best friend is an alien, because that would be quite helpful when the Vogons come to demolish Earth.

Now that I think about it, there are a number of situations that are quite plausible to my mind. Short visits in previous millennia I could possibly believe (thanks for that info, @mrentropy! ). For example, if I were an alien and I landed on Earth during an ice age I probably would have turned around and gone home. Or maybe it was not a meteor that killed the dinosaurs but an alien spaceship. Or aliens are still living here, but as tortoises/crazy deep-sea creatures/bigfoot. I’m not saying I believe it, but there is so much we don’t know.

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I definitely believe that they exist. Then again, I have been watching a lot of X Files lately. No, but seriously, even before Spooky Mulder I was convinced there’s life elsewhere, I guess it’s just more of a question of if they are here. The sad thing though, is that if aliens had landed here, it would be the biggest cover up ever. We wouldn’t be able to handle it. Or at least that is what the government thinks, and we would never know it happened. It’s too narrow minded to think we’re the only ones out there. And if they happen to be more technologically advanced than us, then why wouldn’t they see what we’re doin over here, with all our polution and war n stuff. I’m sure they’re just as curious.

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The chances are better that we have been visited by aliens than there is a “GOD”. I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibilities. There are so many other places out there that where life could and will spring up. We are just now starting to develop the tools to find other habitable planets, (by our standards). The universe is in the neighborhood of 14 billion years old. There could be many thousands of civilizations capable of interstellar flight. I think finding us out here in the sticks would be the problem.

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I don’t know, i’ve never met one that i know of. But i do believe it may be possible.

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why sure….there are some aliens on Fluther! Just read the answers! That was said, “tongue in cheek!”

Several years ago, me and my ex., took a blanket to the golf course…the course is right behind my house then and we wanted to watch shooting stars that night. Well, we were looking up into the sky and out of no where this huge light came right at us. Scared the crap out of me! I will never forget that. Who knows!

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^ Hey, I resemble that remark. ^_^

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No, i do not believe that

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“It’s possible.”

Yeah. Anything is possible. The real question is how likely is it? I would say the chances are so miniscule that they make miniscule look like 100%.

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For me there is NO question they do exist.

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Without a doubt in my mind!!!

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