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Any Zelda fans out there in Jellyland (do you have a favorite game)?

Asked by Jude (32198points) October 6th, 2010

Sort of a cheeseball question, but, I love this game. It got me through a difficult time (well, two of them did).

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Not a big fan no, but I do LOVE A Link to the Past. Spent soooo much time playing this, especially since the kids at the group home kept erasing over my damn file. >_>

But I persevered, and eventually got through the whole thing. It’s a great game.

Protip; you can kill Agahnim with your butterfly net haha.

I also liked The Minnish Cap and that GBC one, but AlttP is definitely awesome.

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Ah, Zelda – how much of my life have you claimed…:-)

Ocarina of Time. That was revolutionary…

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Little bro is obsessed with this. He has whatever version it is for the Wii. I’m sick of the music now. Modern-theme shooters and racers, please.

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Wind Waker was my first game and it’s my favorite!
I also can’t wait for the new one for Wii.
I got Twilight Princess but I was to young/unskilled to understand how to play!
I like the games with animations and artstyles like Wind Waker….
Why can’t they make a sequel for the Wii….(I know there’s the DS games though)

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Majora’s Mask was my favorite. Great game and an amazing soundtrack.

Obviously I was also a fan of Ocarina of Time

A Link to the Past was a really, really good one.

For bonus, I found this little gem. It makes me giggle like a little school girl everytime I watch it.

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I’m in lurve with Link.

I love them all, except for the cheeseball ones like Windwaker and the Game Boy versions.

I still haven’t made it to the end of Twilight Princess (got about ½ way through and my friend had to wipe out his memory for some crazy reason… now I have to start all over!) but I’d still probably call it my favourite in terms of style and story. Of course, Ocarina of Time is the ultimate. The only reason it’s second to Twilight Princess is because it just wasn’t possible to do everything TP does back in 1999. The technology didn’t exist yet.

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Wind Waker! Teaching it to the kiddies as their first game.

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@Randy Thanks for the link. You are awesome!!!

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Anyone ever play any of those absurd Phillips CD-i Zelda games lol?

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ZELDA IS MY LIFE!!!! AND MY CHILDHOOD!! I love this question!!!!! Yes I do have a fav. zelda, top three for me are
3:Twilight princess
2:Majoras Mask
1:Ocarina of time.

I swear I can’t wait till the new one comes out! I’ll be wearing my link costume XD

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Does anyone remember the second Zelda game – the Adventures of Link?

That game was so goddamn hard. There was more than one time I had to completely restart the game because I used one of my hammers on the wrong rock… Great game, but really really hard.

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@Seek_Kolinahr The side scrolling one, right? I never got too far in it, but AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd.) covered it and yeah…it looks pretty malicious in the later parts.

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I still can’t believe I actually managed to make progress in that game when I was five-seven years old. Today, I’d throw my controller through the screen. We gamer nerds have become lazy in the last 20 years. ^_^

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the two original Nintendo games… they spooked me out as a kid… scary music… danger…being lost…. I had a reaction when the force field was lifted to the final area in the second one

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Played the old ones, working on Twilight Princess (on the Wii) now. Had to get used to pulling the sword out with a big arm movement instead of just pushing a button. I miss the music from the old games (I think I have a Pavlovian response to some of the sounds at this point).

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@Kayak8 – A flick of the wrist should be completely sufficient. I refuse to stop being lazy just to play a video game. I do, indeed, miss the old Ocarina songs, though. Particularly the “Running across Hyrule Field for two days” song.

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Ocarina of Time is the greatest achievement in human history.

All of the games were great, but I think OoT, more than any other game, was revolutionary. It was the first game with a world that felt “real.” It had a slow start. But I’ll never forget the awe I felt when I got to the forest temple and have your first honest-to-god fully 3-D swordfight with a Stalfos. And then those twisting hallways. Both of those things were simply not possible, or even imaginable, to do in 2-D games.

I really hope Skyward Sword mixes it up to the same extent that Ocarina of Time did. Wind Waker and Twilight Princess were too similar to OoT, in my opinion. I’m excited that the game will be built around gestures, but hopefully this will mean a complete re-tooling of the general pacing and gameplay as a whole. In particular, I’d like a lot less meaningless enemy encounters, which get really boring (I think all battles in videogames should be difficult and impressive, a la Shadow of the Colossus). I also heard they’re getting rid of the whole dungeon/overworld mechanic, which is getting stale anyway.

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Windwaker, was the first and only game I played till completion. In love with Zelda :3

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Okay, if you could rate them, what would be your favorite to least favorite.

I have only played Ocarina, Majora’s Mask, and The Legend of Zelda. What should be the next one??

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@Symbeline props to you man, Link to the Past was the game I bonded over with my father.

@Seek_Kolinahr Aw, but I loved the gameboy games, and Wind Waker was my favorite!

I go to school with a ton of video game design/programming majors, and this argument seems to come up all the time. And it’s always the same; everyone loves OoT and Majora because that was what my generation grew up with, and that’s what people are most nostalgic for. And nobody ever gives Wind Waker the time of day, because most of the fanbase took one look at the cel-shading and lost interest.

Personally, I loved what Miyamoto did with the Wind Waker (anyone interested should go read about the development on wikipedia). Sure, the gamecube could have made a more realistic Zelda game, but it would have been quickly out-dated, whereas the style inherent in the cel-shaded design will (in my opinion) forever stand out against the series. Yes, there was tedious amounts of sailing to be done, but forcing you to pass all the smaller, less significant islands that you wouldn’t necessary have gone to explore is the games way of tempting you to stray from the plot and adventure on your own for a bit.

But my favorite aspect of Wind Waker is that it’s the only Zelda game in which the final boss is not Gannon, but Gannondorf. In every other title where Gannon was the main villain it always boiled down to a man whose power would eventually consume him, turning him into a beast. And while that was cool and everything, but the best villains will always be those who believe what they’re doing is right. My favorite Zelda scene will always be (SPOILERS) at the top of Gannondorf’s tower at the end of Wind Waker. His dialogue always struck me as so devoted and so human that I still shiver when I play through it, because it’s so much more evil than a monster simply bent on destruction.

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Most to least favourite?

Twilight Princess / Ocarina of Time
A Link to the Past
Majora’s Mask
The Legend of Zelda
The Adventures of Link
All the rest (as I’ve never played them for any measurable length of time. I suck at GameBoy)

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