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Do you ever feel like life is a mirage?

Asked by 9doomedtodie (3113points) October 6th, 2010

Everytime I expect much to happen, but actually it never happens. Sometiimes some things that I am guaranteed about but they always twist in wrong way. I always have fear in my mind but same time also have some hopes.
Finally the hope fades & the things happen opposite. So I would say my life is like, “Life is like a mirage.It deceives as we go near to it. Life is like a dimmed light blinking in the dark.It extinguishes as we move near to it. Life always shows a faulty ray of hope coming from Zenith to Nadir…. :(”

Just created this saying for me.

What about yours?
Do you experience the same what I experience?
Have you ever gone through the situations like this?

Your life experiences.. Your feelings..Just share…

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I have experienced that “mirage” moving away as I approach it, but you gotta keep on keepin on (quoth joe dirt) and finally you’ll reach it. If you want it enough and you’re willing to work hard to catch up to it.

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From your details, it seems like you’re not asking if life (or existence itself) feels like a mirage, but if our expectations for the future do. In that case, absolutely. Sometimes, it makes so much sense, looks so obvious, for events to turn out a certain way. But personal bias is an effective blinder, and when you finally come around to the event you’ve played in your head so many times, it shimmers away in the new light. As a hypochondriac, I deceive myself all the time.

Some days, I’m overly conscious of my own consciousness.

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@hobbitsubculture : Yeah !! You are right…
@deni :Aye Aye! I Must..

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No. Life has beat the crap out of me enough times over the years to convince me that it is not a mirage.

Edit: O.K., maybe “beaten the crap out of me” is a bit over the top, a bit of hyperbole, all things considered, my life could have been a lot worse, but I have take enough punches to decide that life is plenty real enough, enough for my tastes.

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@lilycoyote isn’t that the dang truth. In my case, my bad hip reminds me of the reality of living. But, next month….gone!

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Sometimes I wish it was. Life pretty much is like an unscripted movie….some of the scenes make sense and others are a major WTH!! Like you suggest, you think you know what is next, but you get curve balls instead. Hopefully there is a happy ending in the end.

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Yes life can most certainly not turn out as we would wish… but it is how we deal with the problems that are thrown at us that counts.

Accepting there are going to be peaks and troughs in our lives, that is what it is all about.

Accept this is going to happen and know for certain their is going to be something good happen just around the corner.

It will happen if we look positively on life.

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I believe this quote is rather apt re this question: ” leads those who let it. Those who do not, it drags!”
…that’s all I gotta say about that.

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A mirage? You mean an illusion, something that really doesn’t exist? No; I don’t have the energy to think that deeply . lol
I would say life is a mystery with lots of surprises, many of which suck.

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