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What will help get rid of this sickness?

Asked by kkcope123 (71points) October 6th, 2010

I am pregnant. I have a stuffy nose, really bad cough and sore throat. I don’t know what I should do. Any suggestions?

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How far along are you in the pregnancy? Better stick it out and use herbal tea and throat sweets. As for stuffy nose, there are natural ways of unblocking it as is done with babies, I mean natural nasal decongestants. Steer clear of pills if you can. Best you visit your doc.

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You can do salt water rinses. Gargle it and sniff it up your nose then spit it out or let it drain from opposite nostril.

You can also go the pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist about medicine that is safe to use while pregnant. If you get a pharmacist that isn’t knowledgeable then call your OB and ask.

I got sick while pregnant as well and it is really awful. Stay in bed and have someone take care of you two!

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It seems to take much longer for some women to get over colds or heal up when they’re pregnant. Your body is busy looking after the baby, that doesn’t leave a lot left over for you. Do what those guys said, get as much rest as possible, etc. Good luck with that!

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eucalyptus essential oils on your chest is natural and may help a bit. A netti pot can also help your sinuses. honey and peppermint tea might also help your sore throat.
So sorry. It’s always tough to be sick, but even worse when you’re pregnant!

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A Neti – Pot. It will be sold under the brand Sinu-Cleanse or something like that. No drugs… has been used for over four thousand years. All Natural. My daughter Suffered terrible from seasonal allergies and was prescriped all kinds of drugs. She doesn’t have to take ANY of them… We have the Neti Pot and no I am not a paid spokesman.

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Careful with OTC meds, you’re doping for two now!

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You should call your doctor and ask what medications or treatments are safe. He or she might have other suggestions that will help.

I know it seems strange, but rubbing Vick’s VapoRub on your feet then putting on some thick socks can help a lot, especially at night. I don’t know how or why it works, but it does.

If you can find some raw honey (check with the doctor to make sure this is OK when you’re pregnant), eating a spoonful before bed can also help calm a cough and soothe your throat. I did this last time I had a bad cold, and besides the yumminess it really did help.

Make sure you are staying hydrated, drink some decaf or herbal tea, and get plenty of rest. Have some chicken soup (homemade if you’re up to it, or the freshest, low-sodium variety you can find at the store).

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