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Is there anything one can put on stuff to deter dogs from chewing on it?

Asked by NaturallyMe (4937points) October 7th, 2010

My dog doesn’t seem to mind trying to take a bite out of pickles or raw onions if given the chance, so i’m wondering if there’s anything that dogs generally don’t like at all, that i can spray on some of my stuff that i don’t want her to chew to pieces. Cats are more finicky about things that they put into their mouths, but dogs…...not so easy! (well, they DO eat cat poop, so what else can one expect here, heh heh).

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a lot of animals hate citrus

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Tabasco sauce works…..

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@MissAnthrope did not know that….. I vote for your answer!

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(by the way, I didn’t intend to promote a particular brand, that was just the first link that came up in Google)

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@MissAnthrope it’s amazing what you can learn by googling. If I have to fix something around the house, I google it. Bingo..there it is…a step by step explanation.

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@MissAnthrope Tnx. :) I know i could have googled it, but i also know that my mum has bought these “Pet Away” type sprays that are supposed to keep pets away from stuff, and it didn’t work, so i don’t have much faith in those.

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@NaturallyMe hey, understood…i’ve started checking out the product by going to the Better Business Bureau! Just the other day, had a friend that passed away, and ordered some flowers on the internet…i was in a hurry….and did not check out this florist…and it was a bogus company. They used a local address to disguise themselves. 60 bucks down the tube. grrrr Cannot be too careful these days!

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@BoBo1946 Ag no, that kind of thing really makes me mad. :/

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@NaturallyMe I’m a peace loving man, but that kind of stuff gets my “motor running!”

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I have used bitter apple and bitter lime with mixed results. I have also used tabasco (which didn’t work for me with the dog I was training, but could easily work with another dog). With the bitter apple stuff, you have to keep refreshing it for it to be effective (one spray on a chair rung will deter for a few hours, but not all day and certainly not forever). You want to make sure that whatever you use will not harm the article you are putting it on.

I think it is easier to crate the dog when I can’t watch it and then watch it like a hawk and offer correction (safe chew-able toy or bone) as a deterrent.

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I know dogs hate citronella. here is a link all about it.

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@partyparty When @anartist mentioned citrus i immediately thought of citronella as well! I wonder if lemon grass would do the same, i have some of that that i don’t know what else to use for.

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I checked out the link above and wanted to point out that there are two kinds of deterrents—“don’t chew this” and “don’t pee here.” I know with my dogs, products that would have served one deterring purpose would not have been effective for the other . . .

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My dog chewed the end of my bed, I bought him some bones. STILL did it. SO I put hot sauce on it. I swear by the hot sauce.

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@Frenchfry must be a female dog! Females are much easier to train and deal with…i’ve been told that humans are the same way! loll

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@BoBo1946 It is a female dog!! Funny you should say that.

BoBo1946's avatar Sadie is a female. I would never get another male dog. Females are much easier to deal with in so many areas.

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@BoBo1946 I typed him but I meant her. I do that sometimes. Brain malfunction.

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My puppy likes to chew wood furniture, any fabric (except leather couch, thank goodness), and the corner of walls. We tried Bitter Apple and Phooey – both didn’t bother him one bit. The little rascal simply licked both products and continued chewing.

Praise and immediate discipline works best for my pup. He’d rather have a rawhide than a piece of furniture.

One of my neighbors who has two big dogs told me about a trick he learned that works all the time: put double stick tape where ever chewing is not wanted, sprinkle cayenne pepper on the tape. I’ve not tried it yet, but if pup decides to chew stuff again, this will be my next treatment.

My neighbor also told me to put a new sheet of aluminum foil on the furniture to keep pup from jumping onto it. This works!! The noise from the crunching aluminum scared him so much, he wouldn’t go near it!

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@NaturallyMe Lemon grass is lovely in a Thai curry. Try it out… delicious

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@prolificus Some interesting ideas, tnx! :)
@partyparty That sounds interesting… :)

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My dog cannot bear the smell of tea tree oil. She won’t go near it. Maybe that will help with your dog too?

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@downtide i also thought of tea tree oil, that stuff smells pretty strong.

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