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When a guy is interested in a girl, will he stare?

Asked by Triozoo (396points) October 7th, 2010

Inspired by TogoldorMandor

Does this apply to men as well, do they stare at them as a sign of silent interest? Both outgoing and shy men.

Have you ever done this before, is so, were you embarrassed when you two made eyecontact?

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Of course, don’t you stare at things you find attractive? I know I certainly do. And of course if it’s someone I’ve never met before and they catch me staring at them, it’s a little embarassing, but it happens. I’ve been the starer and the staree. It’s all good.

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It doesn’t mean they’re not interested if they don’t stare, though.

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Someimes it can mean that.Other times it could mean you have a booger dwelling in your nostril ;)

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Oh i’d imagine so. I stare at cleavages a lot! Call it a hobby if you will :¬)

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Probably. Either he likes you or he is a creeper.

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Not if he’s an interesting guy.

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I think looking and smiling is a lot better. That way they get the idea.

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Sure, it can be a sign of interest.. but I wouldn’t assume some dude or girl is interested in me simply because I caught them looking at me. There are a number of reasons people can stare.

If you make eye contact, send them a smile. If they’re interested, that’ll be encouragement.

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Yes, but there are other reasons for staring too. You might have some dirt on your face. Or you might remind him of someone he knows. Or he might think you’re really freaky-looking. Or he might be a psycho, plotting your murder. Or… probably lots of other reasons too.

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Sometimes, yes. That is one of the main things men do because we’re afraid to talk, so we simply admire from afar. With men, simply looking in a woman’s eyes releases seratonin (the happy chemical).

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Well, yeah, but he could also be staring because her blouse is unbuttoned, or has spinach caught in her teeth, or is having a really bad hair day. Or he could just be staring out into space, and she happens to be in his line of sight.

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Guys do not stare! Period!

We use the sniper scopes hidden under our jackets to get a really good look at your cleavage!

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if the guy looks away really quickly then and tries to act cool, yes. If he looks away kinda quickly and embarrassed or he keeps staring, no, he is just spaced out.

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Sometimes, unless they’re looking at you like “Is she crazy?” Haha.
I make eye contact with almost everyone, some people say it makes them uncomfortable but I can’t help it. So making eye contact is no problem with me.

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If I’m sober, I’ll stare and hope to not be caught. If I’m drunk, it deteriorates into a creepy lingering stare with a shit-eating grin. Sorry about that ladies.

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Yes I stare, not an Im crazy stare but a stare. Not only will I look but I want them to know I’m looking, as a compliment to them. The message I’m sending is, “wow, I think your attractive and want to let you know.” It’s subtle flirting, but understand I don’t flirting as a way to get somewhere with a women, I use it to pay compliments only. I also like to see the reactions when eye contact is made.

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