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What are some creative and tasty ways to use quinoa and wheat berries?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36550points) October 7th, 2010

I’m looking for creative ways to make vegetarian dishes and have come across these two items that aren’t very familiar to me. How do you use these and do you have any suggestions for dishes?

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You can use quinoa in salads, bean dishes, soups, veggie stews and chili. In fact, you can use quinoa (a complete complex carb) in just about anything except dessert. Ditto for wheatberries.

You need to wash quinoa with cold water (use a fine mesh strainer) several times in order to eliminate the bitter taste.

Boil up several cups of both, rinse, refrigerate. Then toss with whatever looks interesting. Tasty in both hot and cold dishes.

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Thanks gailcalled. I did see the soaking step to remove the outer layer.

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I can vouch for @gailcalled here and say that a quinoa salad is wonderfully refreshing.
Definately try a recipe for that (My aunt makes it and I believe it’s just simply Quino with vegetables… but I wouldn’t know how to prepare it)

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@naivete I had never even heard of it until a vegetarian related question was posted on fluther. I’ve never tasted it, so thanks for your answer.

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This is nothing special, but quinoa eaten just with plain butter mixed into it (and don’t be shy on the butter) is also nice. I’m not sure if the one i had was seasoned with salt as well…i didn’t prepare it.

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I have never heard of wheat berries but I do get quinoa from time to time. I use it in exactly the same way I would use couscous. Mix in some finely chopped veggies, fresh herbs or spices.

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And, hey! Look to the right! Super Siblings just about this!

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@downtide Thanks
@JilltheTooth I saw. Thanks. I never heard of this stuff before and I’m fairly adventurous in what I make. :)

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