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What is the most amusing random thing you've ever witnessed?

Asked by diavolobella (7925points) October 7th, 2010

Have you ever happened to witness some totally impromptu event that cracked you up? It doesn’t matter if you were involved in it or were just an observer. If you have a favorite personal anecdote, please share.

I still laugh about an incident that happened nearly 25 years ago when I was a young legal secretary. I was hurrying down the sidewalk after work on a cold, blustery and very rainy day, headed to the garage where I kept my car. As I neared a men’s clothing store to my right, a man emerged and paused under the awning to open his automatic umbrella. He pressed the button and instead of opening, the still-closed canopy portion of umbrella shot completely off the shaft with great velocity, as if fired from a cannon. It landed on the ground directly at my feet, sat for a millisecond and then burst open in all its useless glory like some sort of insane mechanical flower. The man and I never spoke. He just stood there looking amazed. I burst into uncontrollable laughter, but kept going because it had really started to pour. To this day I wonder if he’d just bought it and if so, I hope he got a refund. The store is now long gone, but every time I walk past the building I remember and it still makes me laugh.

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It was driving to work one morning in rush hour traffic through a residential area. Upon glancing ove at one of the houses, there was a dog in the front yard playing with a decent-sized stick. He would jump up, give his head a vigorous shake and let go of it. Then he ran to wherever it landed and started all over. No human around playing fetch with him. I wanted to pull out of traffic and just watch.

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My teenage daughter washing the dishes without being asked.

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Routinely, when Milo and the mouse du jour have their “seek and destroy.” It usually ends in a standoff. I suspect that the dead mice I find in the AM have died of a heart attack.

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I find it funny when people get so mad they’re vibrating! At end of shift one day we were counting the narcotics as has to be done each shift. The count was wrong, and the little nurse in charge got madder and madder. She had a date and none of us could leave until we solved the problem. She was fuming about first date in weeks, started cursing under her breath, and a couple of us couldn’t see to help look for the paperwork as we were laughing so hard. It worked out and we teased her for months- still makes me smile. Oh, and her date was fun.

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My friend Mario got attacked by a Grackle.

He was coming out of Walmart, already feeling like a dweeb because he had gone in there for a loofa. So he’s carrying the loofa, and this freaking Grackle swoops down and tries to rake his head with its claws. (it and many others were in the trees they have growing in places in the parking lots) I don’t know what the heck he did to piss it off but it was mad. So it dives a second time and freaking gets its claw stuck in Mario’s hair band (he has very long, thick hair so he keeps it tied back). So then it commences to slap him in the face with the beating of its wings trying to free itself. In the meantime Mario is hitting it with the loofa and trying to keep his track pants up with the other hand because they were loose. This is possibly the funniest scene in the entirety of humanity. (Well, it was to me. Probably not to Mario.) It was a definite FML story for him. XD

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A couple of weeks ago while out for a walk around my neighbourhood, I saw a cat chasing a dog up the street, the funny part was the dog was on a lead & the poor woman who had hold of the other end had no choice but to run too! Lol.. :-/

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About two weeks ago I saw a guy put gas in his car. He goes in and pays for it then comes out and gets in the back seat. He looks around for a minute, steps out blushing and gets in the drivers seat and drives away.

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@NinjaBiscuit. I’m sitting here laughing out loud at your story.

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I just remembered this one from my youth. My best friend lived down the street from me and he had a female dog called Goldie. One day when I was coming over to his place to hang out I noticed a smaller male dog in his back yard. When my friend came to the front door I told him about it and he said lets get that dog out of the back yard my dog is in heat. We headed to the back yard. My friend began running at the male dog in his yard and the dog started running around not sure how to get away. Right in front of my friends driveway was a wooden picket fence with fairly large openings between the slats. This dog decided he could run through the wood slates in the fence. The dog headed for the fence with my friend right behind. The dog started through the fence but his stomach and hips didn’t make it and poo came shooting out and covered the front of my friend. I layed on the ground rolling in laughter.

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The other day I was walking up the street, when all of a sudden I hear somebody with their radio bumping gangster rap as loud and that can get it. I turn to see this 300-pound white guy in full leather and aviators on a motor cycle, rolling real slow up the hill. As he passed, I nodded, and he nodded back.

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Yes! Earlier this summer I was walking up Manchester’s Market Street (a pedestrianised road, main shopping street in town) when I saw a man dressed in a pink lycra bodysuit, rollerskating down the street with a real live white rabbit in his arms.

I looked for the TV cameras but I didn’t see any.

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Monday, after taking my son to the doctor, I decided, randomly, to drive through a college campus I had never seen before. It was right next to the doctor’s office. We were driving slowly around (speed bumps every ten feet) and had pulled into a parking spot. Then we saw this very strange looking truck drive past. It looked kind of like a drill, except it didn’t have any of the paraphernalia usually associated with a drill. It looked a little bit like one of those post hole diggers, except it had four leaves, instead of two.

“Should we follow it?” I asked.
So we followed it around a corner and saw it backing up on a lawn towards a tree. It stopped right next to the tree. Then the arm—about thirty feet high, started lifting up off the bed of the truck. It was swinging up on a hinge that attached to the truck at it’s farthest end.

When it got up, hydraulics hissing, the bottom part of the thing started swinging out. The arm was folded at the top in order to allow this to happen. It looked weird. I still thought it was some strange kind of drill—like the ones you see in Matrix. I thought it would start spinning or something.

Instead, it started opening out into four giant shovel blades which were swung over the tree and then closed up so the tree was surrounded. Then, one at a time, the hydraulics pushed one blade, then another. After the first four presses, the blades were all about halfway in. With another round, the blades went fully into the ground, meeting each other at the center beneath the tree. It then lifted the tree right out of the ground!

I’d never seen such a thing before—nor even thought of such a thing. We were told that there were even bigger ones, but they had to do the “wide load” thing and were much more expensive.

We watched them transport the tree to another lawn. They were clearing the trees in order to build a new dorm. Once the dorm was built, they were going to bring the trees back.

That was pretty weird. Something completely new to us. We were highly amused.

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@wundayatta that sounds amazing. How big was the tree?

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@downtide It was the size of a decent-sized apple tree.

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I don’t know about ever, but one incident springs to mind. A woman living over the road from us was putting some rubbish in her “wheelie bin” & as she turned I saw her skirt tucked into the back of her knickers XD Oh it gets better, a gust of wind had the offending skirt acting as a kind of sail & as she leaned to put more rubbish in…........wait for it…...timing, that’s the key…....yes, she was blown head first into the bloody bin!!! I really should have attempted a “rescue” but I was crying with laughter so much I had to run to the toilet. Anyway, she lived through it.I always see her in jeans these days. Funny that :¬)

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@ucme I just snorted Diet Coke up my nose!

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@diavolobella A trick Barry Manilow should try. Then he may lose some “weight” off his hooter :¬D

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I don’t know if kids today still do this but coming up to a red light, all of a sudden all the doors on the car in front of me open and out pours about 8 High School aged guys and girls to execute what I thought was a standard Chinese Fire Drill….except….they all started trading shirts and pants in the middle of the intersection!! I mean it was hilarious!!

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I removed it.

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@JustmeAman…..OMG This was supposed to be AMUSING random things…...not tragic ones.

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Sorry the story about the tree reminded me of this one because it is rare to see this.

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@JustmeAman. It’s okay, I was just a little shocked. (and the horse part freaked me out)

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Around here, there are lots of tree men who have the large claw as part of their equipment. I and many others routinely have large trees moved from one part of the property to the other.

Neighbors have a nice row of tall white pines that were removed from my property when my house was built. The trees make a nice buffet along the road frontage

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@diavolobella It happened at an air show at Hill Air Force Base in Utah. It was awful.

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I was shat on by a pelican once. Probability was not my friend that day.

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One time I was riding in the back of a truck with a few friends on our way to the beach and we were going down the road when I saw a deer run across the road and ran face first into a fence and flipped backwards. I thought it was hilarious but then again I felt sorry for the deer. It was okay though, it got right back up and sped into the trees.

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At an airport waiting for my flight I noticed an older gentlman desperately trying to walk the wrong way up an escalator and keep falling down but yet he kept for some reason trying until he made it. Funny but don’t understand it.

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I saw a pigeon beating up a blue jay under an overpass. It was epic.

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