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Are many of you here suffering from anxiety or a sense of fear for no particular reason?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20713points) October 7th, 2010

Do you get a kind of fluttering fear or anxiety that you can’t explain or pin point at that particular moment. It does not come from a specific source but it is THERE. Do you feel that?

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I used to, but not anymore. I conquered it through sheer force of will.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Did you just focus on other things or do breathing techniques?

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I’ve had anxiety disorder for a long time. Ativan works wonders.

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I’m working on getting completely rid of my anxiety. I would go into bouts (mostly during late evening and night) of just sheer terror to the point of almost putting my body into shock. It would get so bad that I would hyperventilate, it would feel like I was having a heart attack, and my thoughts would race and I would shake from head to toe along with my saliva glands failing to produce anything. Nothing/anything would trigger it.

Breathing techniques, praying, focusing on other things has helped me out a lot. The thing that’s helped me the most? I used to suffer in silence, not wanting to bring attention to my growing anxiety attack in fear it would make it worse. I would only say something after I was at the breaking point, and my poor husband would be up with me to all hours of the night trying to calm me down. Now I talk to him about it if I start showing any signs. He sits down with me, talks to me and I talk it out to him, I breathe, he comforts me, and it lessens the blow so much that it pretty much instantly goes away. Him helping me out with this and lessening the blow has been such a blessing.

I’ll never again keep it bottled up to the exploding point like I used to. I don’t use heavy pharmaceuticals (or any pharmaceuticals for that matter) so having this technique to help me get rid of these awful attacks works wonders. <3

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@ZEPHYRA, positive self talk, and that sort of thing. I convinced myself that I was the master of my own emotions and thoughts, and began to act accordingly.

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I had it until I began taking something for it.

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Suffered from anxiety and “irrational” fears for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I can control it but other times it is crippling and when that happens I would happily just curl up and die.Honestly.

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Along with bipolar disorder, I have anxiety and irrational fears all the time. I take medication for it and find that it keeps me stable.

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To me it feels exactly like what @NinjaBiscuit said. It occurs mostly during the night when it is really quiet, I have to sleep with music on or else I don’t sleep at all when I don’t take my medicine. Being in a room or place without color also triggers it. I had to go to a psychologist because anxiety and panic attacks made me have more phobias. When I went to the doctor she made me take Benadryl Allergy tablets, they makes me fall asleep a few hours earlier. It helps.

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Mine comes and goes, when I have to do anything that I haven’t done before, or something that I did badly. I recently took a trip to Europe alone, and I had help all along the way, so I didn’t experience any anxiety, other than the usual airplane worries.

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I am. I was doing better with it but I just had a rather intense life change last week and now I’m totally anxious all the time, have trouble looking people in the eye, feel like I’m about to pass out, etc. Like the other stuff wasn’t bad enough…

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I was afraid to leave myhome, it lasted about three years. I got over it when my sister left her three children on my doorstep and she left for 18 years. So without thinking I was over it.

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@Leanne1986 I sympathize and totally understand, even in those few sentences I could feel your pain

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