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Are you a Democrat, Republican, or other?

Asked by Drewseph (533points) October 7th, 2010

Which political party are you a member of?

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Democrat, but only based on my voter registration. In the end, I vote for the person I like the most, who has a likelihood of winning. I also never vote for that person, if possible, as a Democrat or Republican. As they are often also candidates for other parties…I’ll vote for them as candidates IN those parties (I would love to see a no-party system. That would be fun).

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I am registered as a Democrat, but I vote independently.

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I identify as a libertarian socialist.

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Same. Registered as a Democrat because it most accurate represents my views out of the available parties, but it is not completely accurate (and I wouldn’t expect it to be).

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I’m registered as a Socialist. But I usually vote for the Democrat.

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Other. I am not accurately represented by any political party, and feel no need to participate in primaries.

I’m a registered “No Party”.

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When I first registered to vote I was a Republican (from a family of mostly conservative Democrats). I usually voted Republican on the local/county levels of government but evened my votes out in state and nation offices. The last 10 years I have been registered as an Independent. I vote somewhat evenly. It seems many of my positions are very similar to the Libertarian Party but I’m not registered as a Libertarian though I do vote for Libertarian candidates.

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Registered as Democrat – vote independent.

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Registered Democrat, and I if I ever voted for someone who wasn’t a Democrat it was probably someone from the Green Party. I would have loved to vote for Ralph Nader, but I didn’t because I was a afraid that what actually happened would happen. I wish people were a bit more strategic in their voting. It’s not always a good idea to vote your heart.

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Green Party. I switched to Democrat to vote for Obama in the primaries, but I switched back. Not doing that again.

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I was registered with Peace and Freedom when I first voted, which was in 1968.

From 1972 until 1992, I voted Democrat.

I voted Green in 1996 and 2000.

I voted Dem in 2004 and 2008.

Somehow (either because of my or the county registrar’s error) my registration got changed to Natural Law.
Since their platform is fairly close to my views, I’m letting it ride.

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I’m 14, but I have mostly republican views. And, no, this isn’t my parents’ thinking that I’ve taken and said, “Obviously I should think this way”. I think for myself. My mom listens to a lot of talk shows, and I take those topics and look things up, and I’m in a group where we talk about current events a lot and debate.

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I don’t fit any party’s label well, but I recognize that we are stuck for now with a two-party system and you have more political clout if you join one or the other. I sadly left the Republican Party when they reeled to the right and nominated Ronald Reagan. I’ve been registered as a Democrat ever since. And with the Jim DeMints, Sarah Plains, Sharon Angles adn Christine O’Donnells of the radical right now taking over the Republican Party and purging it of every voice of reason, it is now more important to me than ever to stand up and be counted against that change.

Their actually are things we need government for, and a Party intent on dismantling government and taking us back to the 1800s is dangerous. If they do win power and begin to implement their shut-down-government agenda, Americans will soon realize just how much politics, ugly as it may be, matters to us all.

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@ETpro Yes there was a time when Republicans were actually more Libertarian in their politics/views than the right wing extremism they’ve resorted to in the past 30 to 40 years. I only originally registered as a Republican so I would have more of a say in keeping the neos from winning their parties nomination. Unfortunately as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realize that the type of Republican candidates I’ve been hoping for have become nothing more than a pipedream. I am an Independent but I’m not even so sure anymore which party to become content with. Maybe we need a more centrist party like the Whigs or Centrists themselves to get bigger hopefully in the future.

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@Jabe73 I would love to see a viable, centrist third party that really stands for the interests of all American people emerge. Till then, it’s got to be the lesser of two evils.

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Well, the way I see it, the Republicans want to be my stern, brutal father, and the Democrats want to be my coddling, overbearing mommy. I’m still patiently waiting for a political party that will treat me like an adult.

That said, I’m rather anti-authoritarian. I’d prefer for people to have as much personal and economic freedom as possible. but I’m not a Libertarian

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Socialist all the way.

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@ragingloli Ha! Good for you. We’re going to be called such anyway/

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Other: Far left, i’ll take Socialism, Communism or Anarchism, i’m still waiting for that old cliché about getting more conservative with age, having said all that the far Left has not handled the current global intrigue and dalliance with Islamic fundamentalism well, OK Marx didn’t predict that one, somebody within the intellectual leftist camp needs to get a grip on this problem and fast, it’s been 9 years since 9/11 and the Left are confused with how to assimilate this new global dynamic force, that is both antithetical to Imperialist Capitalism and Globalisation but also to the egalitarian values and atheistic/rational stance of the Left. Also the political left has forgotten how to win friends and influence people. So there are some aspects that are disenchanting for me.

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I did not register for any political party shame my state thus bans me from voting on the parties’ primaries.
If I had to pick from the false dichotomy of Democrat vs Republican, I pick Democrat every time. I am of the opinion that fixing the social wrongs is far more important than making more money.

As I was filling out my mail-in ballot for the upcoming CA state election, I realized that I sided more with the Green party than anything. Followed by Peace and Freedom, then Libertarian, then Democrat, then Republican, then American Independent.

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I think I’m registered as a Democrat in the US (but I only participate in Presidential Elections, of course), but I would certainly be considered a socialist by US standards. Not that the US would ever become a socialist country. They don’t care about each other enough.

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Independent all the way. Voted for Obama.

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I might consider some more conservative views, but the Republican party is full of nut-jobs now, the majority of which I wouldn’t vote for if they ran against a ferret.

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@ETpro Yes I keep forgetting it only takes one issue to be considered a socialist. You would get a kick out of reading some of the political posts from my local newspaper. They really are way out there. Maybe I should post some of these comments and letters on here just for amusement in the social section.

Someone did have a great comeback to several other self-proclaimed “Conservative Christians” making ill informed statements. The way it was quoted “If all of you Christians were arrested for practicing your religion how many of you would be convicted based on the evidence”?

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@Jabe73 In my experience, most of the people throwing the socialist and Marxist labels around with so much enthusiasm are themselves exhibiting strong streaks of fascism.

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I wonder how those taste…

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@ragingloli Thanks. I got back in time to edit. In case anyone wonders what @ragingloli is talking about, I had originally written ”...exhibiting strong steaks of fascism..” One of those idiocies my spell checker was perfectly happy with.

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@ETpro My facism is better than your communism? Yes this seems true.

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@Jabe73 Fascism is always best when simmered slowly with eye of Newt. That’s why cooking up a batch is always so tough on Gingrich.

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@ETpro i guess historically people should have borne the yoke of exploitation with good grace, rather than indulge in fascism. i think you’re confusing fascism with authoritarianism, or with something you personally dislike. We all do that from time to time.

There is such a thing as democratically elected socialism you know, contrary to every American effort to scupper such a dreadful aberration. if that is fascist, then surely democracy is fascist, i don’t really get your logic.

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@mammal I chose the word quite intentionally and have a clear understanding of its meaning. It’s quite likely that some repeating the Marxist and Socialist charges aren’t aware of the meaning of the labels they using—but those pushing the use of such labels are using fascist tactics.

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