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What are the main physical trade barriers of Europe?

Asked by tylerandcason (94points) October 7th, 2010

I have this huge upcoming test in Social Studies and our theme in that class for this 9 weeks was Europe. But anyway, he gave us a study guide and one of the statements says ‘Must know the physical trade barriers of Europe’. I don’t know if he means for us to say mountains, grasslands, and rivers, or does he mean specific such as Pyrenees, European Plain, etc. But either way please give me the answers so I can put them on the study guide and study for the 50% of my grade test which is tomorrow! Thanks

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We dont give homework answers here but I would go with the specifics if I were you.

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@janbb I thought we changed that policy.

Have you been studying specific mountain ranges, grasslands, and rivers? If so, you’re going to need to know them. If not, the general terms will suffice.
I always thought that rivers were beneficial to trade. Free locomotion and all.

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@Nullo I thought we could give guidance but not answers which is what I was doing. No?

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@I thought that I knew, but now I know no longer. :|

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