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If you switch phone companies can they transfer your old cell phone book to your new cell phone?

Asked by YoKoolAid (2424points) October 7th, 2010

The screen stopped working on my first cell phone, and when I got a new one they hooked it up to a machine and transferred all the numbers to my new phone. Now the screen is not working on my current cell phone but I’m going to switch phone companies. Will they still be able to do this?

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I am wondering the same thing.

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The phone book is on the sim card and, at least with the phones I’ve changed to, the sim cards are transferable between phones.

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The SIM cards are not always compatible for different carriers. As I understand it, for instance, Sprint phones do not even have SIM cards. I was tech support for Cingular for a while, and we could not do anything with any phone made for other carriers. You should ask first. Make sure you actively save everything to SIM, because sometimes what saves to the phone does not save to SIM. You still may end up putting everything in by hand…

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