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What do you like for a midnight snack?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) October 7th, 2010

I’m kind of partial to avocado sandwiches, mint cookies, cheese and crackers, and various fruit juices.

What about you? Is a midnight snack a guilty pleasure for you, or an absolute necessity? And why are you up and eating so late?

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Just about anything whem I’ve got the munchies….I like a combination of sweet and salty most. Like yesterday, I had chilli cheese fritos and strawberries…..sounds gross but the salty just made the sweet, sweeter!

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OMG I also love avocado sandwiches (and black olive sandwiches with a bit of mayo).

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Chips and Salsa.

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Almost any kind of sandwich!

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Chocolate dipped in peanut butter.

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A bowl of Bran Flakes with a spoon of Tin Roof Icecream

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An entire pot roast XD

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I like chips or something fast like a sandwhich or burrito.

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Or ice cream eaten out of the container or dark chocolate bars or chips or…I’m on on a diet

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Some of my Venison, buffalo or goose jerky. Whichever is thawed out in the fridge.

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I never wake up hungry in the middle of the night, which is what I think of as a midnight snack. If I am up late and decide to eat, it could be anything from pizza, grill cheese sandwich, an English muffin, but it is very rare I eat late at night, unless I am out dancing and we go to eat afterwards, but I probably do that twice a year.

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Has to be something savory. If there’s a jar of olives in the fridge I’ll have those. We often also have leftover poppadoms, so I sometimes re-heat those for a snack too.

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I like some toast and butter or a bowl of cereal late at night :)

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Anything that is edible and taste good (I will most likely eat fresh fruits and veggies). I somehow feel guilty if I eat sweet food at night since I’m afraid that I can’t go to sleep later on due to sugar accumulation in my body. And I stay up at midnight on purpose since it’s the quietest time of the day where I can get enough privacy and can do anything I want.

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Toast with butter and a shmear of grape jelly is my standard midnight snack.

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I relate my mid-night snacks to when I smoked weed back in the day. Weird munchies and odd combinations. I cook ,so god knows what I’ll create out of my fridge. I tell this though, it’s always good. Tonight I fryed some roast beef and Worcestershire sauce, and sauteed onions, and I made a cheese sauce out of some pepperjack, and put it all on a french roll with colmons musturd. I don’t always eat at night though.

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My all-time favorite(and you can ask my wife and kids), is a triple-decker peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich and a tall glass of milk. this combination should be added to America’s all-time favorite food list.

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@john65pennington that should be America’s claim to fame for food? I guess it’s true it is very American, I bet other countries don’t eat it.

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I’m quite partial to munching on pussy around that time. Bacon sandwich, yummy for my tummy!

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In the winter, cinnamon toast or toasted bagel and warm milk or tea. Summer, cold cereal.

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ll you peolle whonhave cereal as a midnight snack (I love cereal by the way) don’t you wind up having to wake up three times in the middle of your sleep to pee? I would never have soup or cereal before or during bedtime.

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@JLeslie No, I don’t have that happen

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Jack n The Box tacos & Jalepeno poppers

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So sorry for the typos.

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Eating the leftovers of food that I cooked during the day.

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