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Do they make pens that are good at erasing?

Asked by Marchofthefox (787points) October 7th, 2010

I like how smoothly a pen writes but, I hate that I always make mistakes.

What should I do? :(

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Don’t make mistakes…. ha! Just kidding! Depends if it’s for work or for personal purposes. I have to use pens at work and I just cross things out and initial them when I mess up. Erasable pens always smear or just write funny. Pencils annoy me when the eraser leaves gray gunk instead of erasing- so pens it is for me!

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Whenever I make a mistake while writing with a pen, I use standard proofreading marks. I have never had a problem turning assignments in this way.

In notes that no one else will see, I don’t mind when my writing becomes a sloppy jumble of editing marks. As long as I can decipher things, it’s all good. Don’t worry about making mistakes :) A good pen is not a thing to waste!

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Yes they do. Try Staples or OfficeMax if you’re in the States. I don’t use these anymore, but when I needed them, they were awesome.

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@Aprilsimnel: Were they really? I’m in a Independent studies program for school and I don’t want to get my teacher mad by the mistakes. :<

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Yeah. Don’t press too hard.

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Not that I know of. They all leave marks and streaks on the paper after you erase.

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my answer doesn’t really make since after the edit, but Welcome to Fluther @projectilevomit! :D

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