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I think my Fluther account is busted, can someone please help me?

Asked by weeveeship (4619points) October 7th, 2010

I got at least +1 Great Answer, but there were no changes to my point count.

I’ve also been here for at least three weeks now and still have not received my Skin Diver Award.

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People can max you out on points. After 100 (20 GA) from a person they don’t count anymore. This was put in place to prevent people from creating multiple accounts to inflate accounts. This was not something that came first. They did it out of necessity since assholes were gaming the system. It isn’t elegant but it works and it was enough of a problem it needed to be handled fast.

I have never gamed the system and my actual score is around 90K without the limits. I’m cool with that since everyone else is under the same limitations.

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In order to get the Skin Diver award you need to log in ten days in a row, without missing one (and you have according to the system—I checked). Keep at it though, even Ben, one of the founders missed a day when going for the 90 day award. We still give him a hard time about it.

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@timtrueman :: Ben has amazing legs. That must count for something.

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@timtrueman How many more days do I have to go?

I also don’t log in. I just keep myself logged in whenever I visit Fluther. Does that not count?

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@weeveeship just visit the site signed in and you’ll get it (no need to sign in and out). Your current progress is three days.

@johnpowell amazing legs? He must have left that detail out when I got hired…

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@timtrueman :: Did you see the Ben as Jesus pic?

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@johnpowell, how do you know your “actual” score?

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@Jeruba I believe you count how many pages you have when you look at all of your lurve and multiply that by how many responses are on each page. No, that wouldn’t work, what about GQs valuing less?

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Knowing @johnpowell, he probably wrote a grease monkey script to figure it out.

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@augustlan :: Actually it was WWW::Mechanize written in Ruby. But I just grabbed 10 ten pages and averaged the total for the last ten. Then I multiplied that by the total number of pages.

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@johnpowell @timtrueman : Ben inherited the good-leg gene from my side of the family.

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Hmm, I just checked, and I haven’t received the Circumnavigator (visiting 90+ days in a row) either. I vaguely recall someone experiencing this. Could it be a glitch?

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@Pied_Pfeffer It’s highly unlikely it’s a glitch (we haven’t had one yet). I see no problems in the last 90 days. You probably just missed a day.

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@timtrueman Is there any way for us to know how many days in a row we’ve visited? (without spending ages looking through all of our lurve that carefully)

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@bobbinhood Nope. It’s hardly a necessary feature. :)

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Still no Skin Diver award. I am sure that I have been on Fluther everyday.

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