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Do you expect more or less from people?

Asked by Loried2008 (1998points) October 8th, 2010

Just curious?

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More and not surprised if i get less nor disappointed. After all, most people are about themselves.

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I expect an even amount.

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I give people the benefit of the doubt.

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Usually I expect more, but then I just get disappointed, so I’m trying to expect less from them.

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Used to expect a lot. Got disappointed too often, so now I expect very little.

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I tend to expect less after a lifetime of lessons.

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I feel like eventually everyone hits that breaking point where they’re just cynical when it comes to people.

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With people I expect as much I would expect from myself and if things come up short I work with them to better the situation.

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@Cruiser And you have said (correctly) I tend to be naive?

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I expect more only of my children, all others I accept what they put out.

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I expect less and become pleasantly surprised when they turn out to be better than that.

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@Cruiser I use your method with new people in my life and @mrentropy I use your method with people I know all too well lol.

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I was always disappointed in life when I expected anything from other people, I became happiest when I stopped assuming anything about someone else and just lived my life.

That’s very hard to do now that I have kids, but it was a blast while it lasted.

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@thekoukoureport you got that totally right! We are on our own here!

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Much less every coming day! why build up my hopes!! Lol…... :-/

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I only expect what I expect of myself.

Integrity, honesty, emotional health, and basic good conduct.

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I am starting to just expect less from people and let myself become surprised and happy when they do more.

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I don’t expect anything from anyone. I hate the feeling of disappointment but if I don’t have any expectations, then no disappointments.

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I don’t think it’s just me, but these answers really suck. (Most of them)

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@Adirondackwannabe It was an equally lame question lol There’s not really a whole lot you can say about it. I think I’ll be sticking with just answering questions for awhile haha

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Thats the ticket! ;-)

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@Loried2008 The question was right on. It makes us look at the world and the people around us, think about our expectations and make an honest assessment of what we’re going to get. So it’s a great question. It’s just what we usually get from others is often less than great.

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@Adirondackwannabe Yeah I was figuring more often than not people would have an negative outlook, so far I don’t seem to be too wrong lol

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It’s not a negative outlook, it’s high expectations based on our own value system. We are creating our own misery!


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I hope for more, prepare for less, and expect a goddamn minimum. ;-)

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I expect decency.If I don’t get that,I keep interactions with them to a minimum.

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I really had to think about this. I guess I expect more from people. I realize I do tend to get disappointed in the human race as a whole because I expect people to be kinder to each other and not as cruel.

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I guess that I would have to say that I expect more from people that I know, but I am a perfectionist. I’m the person that I know best, and so I expect more from myself also.

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I try to keep my expectations low. That way I’m not often disappointed.

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I expect little and am still surprised by lack of common courtesy and dishonesty sometimes. It has not do to with disappointment so much, as I don’t lose sleep over strangers. But People are capable of surprising me pleasantly as well, so…
I only can try to adhere to the standard that I set for myself, and allow others the option of setting their own. If they fall short of my standards I am no loger so quick to dismiss people as I used to be, and if I have to interact with them I still can learn something useful. People can be perfectly nice, well meaning people and fail to do something or act in a manner consistent with what I counsider proper. Sometimes they aren’t aware, or have something on their minds….
I’ve considerably lowered the bar for others. I still grumble about people, but I catch myself far more often and try to turn it around and not be so quick to categorize or think meanly of them.

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I expect….nay demand, more bowing & less of your backchat you impudent little upstarts :¬)

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I used to expect more, used to give people the benefit of a doubt more but after years of seeing how that doesn’t pan out well (at least for me) then I am one of those who has become more cynical, less trusting, less patient, less interested. I hate this feeling and hope it passes as I practice making better choices, I’m just a little late to the game.

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I expect a lot, get it rarely but when I do, I’m happy.

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I always have high expectations, and I am rarely disappointed.

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I expect a lot from myself and everyone else.

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Not much. Just respect and basic moral decency. I probally expect alot more from myself.

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I expect nothing from no one, but nor do I convince myself that they have nothing to give. All I really ask is for cunts to mind their own business and I’ll do the same.

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I expect a lot from people. When people are lazy / unmotivated (etc…)—whether lovers or even friends—this makes me not want to associate with them. I’ve been called cold before, ‘unfeeling,’ ‘unsympathetic’ and ‘hard’ but all in all, I don’t give a flying fuck. My mother raised me knowing I’d have the world in my hands, and I’m very quickly getting it. I expect others to believe this about themselves, too.

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‘I expect nothing from no one, but nor do I convince myself that they have nothing to give. All I really ask is for cunts to mind their own business and I’ll do the same.’

It’s all very well and good, but ‘cunts’ also bear your children, raise your family, take care of YOUR home, make YOUR dinner.. so you might want to be more respectful by not using such a derogatory term.

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Lol. By cunts, I mean people in general. Slang. You’re the one associating women with cunts, not me. (not to mention giving them some family farm role, nice)

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sorry, that was pretty dumb of me @Symbeline

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