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For a computer processor, which is better? Intel or AMD?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) October 8th, 2010


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It depends on what your focus is – bang for your buck or outright performance. AMD processors are cheaper, but offer lower outright performance than Intel. Intel chips offer better maximum performance than their AMD counterparts, but are more expensive.

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What is your budget? Also how are you chosing this processor (in a new store-bought purchase?)

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In terms of raw performance, Intel processors are. Nineteen of the 20 fastest processors sold are made by Intel, according to the performance charts:

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Evidently it’s beginning to matter what kind of video card you want, too. I may have to switch to Intel if I want to keep using nVidia cards.

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I love my ATI 5870 :)

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Both Intel and AMD work equally well with Nvidia (or ATI/AMD for that matter) graphics cards.

Considering processor performance it really matters what you wish to do with your PC. If you value bang-for-the-buck AMD has always delivered, while Intel has usually been regarded as being a bit more stable. This is up for discussion, however, and today you are probably equally well off with either processor. Intel has the fastest products, but you pay a small premium for the brand recognition.

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@Jbor I was thinking more along the lines of the motherboards and the chipsets on them for things like SLI (vs. Crossfire). Since AMD has ATI, a lot of decent motherboards (that I’m looking for) are set up for Crossfire. On the other hand, there are some nifty motherboards with nVidia chipsets for Intel.

Granted, this probably isn’t the first thing on most peoples minds.

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@mrentropy That’s true. And could be a long discussion :-) Personally I prefer to stay away from SLI and Crossfire due to the added complexity, but if you need serious graphics power there’s a lot to be had for relatively cheap money. And I suppose it is much more viable today than a few years ago.

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@Jbor As ridiculous as it sounds, for a week I wanted three monitors. No real reason for it, I just wanted one more on my desk. I think I’m over it now.

I did know someone that had to ATI cards and he said the cost wasn’t worth the small gain in speed that he saw.

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@mrentropy I certainly know the feeling :-) I paid 1900$ for my 24” monitor some years ago.. And I’ve felt the urge for a 30” monitor for a loong time, but I’m much more stingy these days. The prices for 24” went down fast, but the 30” monitors have been holding the price for years. Geek-lust be damned!

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