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Are you as tired of these commercials, as I am?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) October 8th, 2010

I am fed up with the same commercials being repeated over and over and over again. These commercials target senior citizens and they never stop. Are you sick of hoverground, medicare, and nebulizers commercials? I realize there is a need for such commercials, but one time an hour is enough! I have worn the mute button off my channel changer control already, by killing the sound on these commercials. Am I the only one that feels this way?

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Never watch commercials.I go take a piss when they’re on, thought everybody did!

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Yes, but have You switched to Geico? Did I spell that right?Ohhh that girl in the white apron or whatever it is with her ugly red lipstick and headband. So sick of her.
Thank heavens we got rid of the “Lollipop” commercial. Always muted that one.

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I feel the same way. They seem to be the only commercials that are played during The Price is Right. I guess it’s their target audience. I usually mute commercials during any show I watch, though. So it doesn’t bother me too much.

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The mid-afternon adverts are the worst – they’re all either catering for the unemployed market with debt re-financing at usorious rates, or the elderly with stair lifets, walk-in baths or funeral finance plans.

Thankfully, I have the option of the BBC, so I can always watch telly free of adverts when I want.


I get tired of these commercials too. But the ones that really annoy me are the stupid ones, which show people doing foolish, immature things, or loud, “in your face” commercials.

For example, there’s a commercial currently on t.v. that shows a guy walking fearfully on the ledge of a tall building. He’s half-naked and he’s slowly inching his way to the next window of an adjacent room, where there’s a party going on. We don’t know what the commercial’s about until the very end, when the guy finally makes it to the window and we see the party going on.

The commercial is for beer, and the message “Life’s an adventure” comes on. The stupidity of this commercial is that when some mindless person sees it, he/she might get the idea (the next time he/she is drunk as a skunk) to venture out onto the ledge of his/her apartment building and party, then fall to his/her death. Sure, life’s an adventure, but death will end it if you do such stupid things I say! Sheesh.

I think those commercials you refer to are much like those commercials that keep repeating themselves, like the “Head-On” migraine commercials. Such commercials are purposely done to have you remember them, regardless of how annoying they can be. If they annoy you, the producers believe they have done their job, because you won’t forget their product.

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Yes, yes and yes. I watch The History Channel or History International every morning and I am treated to the same three commercials at least three times in the hour it takes me to get ready for work. The first one is about mesothelioma. This morning they even played it twice in the same commercial break. It played, then another commercial and by George, they played it again. They also repeatedly show a commercial in which Wilford Brimley yammers about “diabetus” and one featuring Robert Wagner talking about reverse mortgages.

Oh, and I DESPISE Flo, the Progressive commercial girl, with her hideous hairdo, blood red lipstick and corny delivery. The only insurance commercial I hate more is the one where they all start acting like they are robots. It makes me want to vom.

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@diavolobella I kind of agree with you about the Progressive commercial, but a couple of them are actually funny. My favorite one is where she has the calculator and makes it say “Hello”. And then she goes, “Hahaha, I’ll be here all week… I will, that’s my schedule.” She actually delivers that line very well.

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Sick of them, you bet—but advertisers see seniors as the gold mine they’ve been since they hit their 20’s and still as preoccupied with themselves as they’ve been for the past six decades. I’m referring of course to us baby boomers.

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@erichw1504. I’d probably think that was funnier, but she stole that line from me. I’ve said that for years! LOL

Her hairstyle makes it look like she’s deformed.

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@diavolobella she’s the one I was describing, Flo? On one commercial I thankfully haven’t seen lately, she said to a customer when he implied he needed to save, “Money tight?” and I thought that was so crass.
I think she was PG on some of the commercials.

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The political commercials are aggrevating, thank god I do not watch much tv when I’m home.

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