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Are these cancer spots on my dog? =(

Asked by MrGV (4170points) October 8th, 2010

A black mole roughly 1 cm in diameter appeared on his belly overnight it is black and has a rigid texture and he’s been acting strange late(acting up and barely touching his food). My girlfriend took him to the vet today and they ran some tests but the results won’t be in for another week.

He’s a King Cavelier Charles Spaniel
About 8 months old

Anyhelp will greatly be appreciated thanks! =/

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I hope it’s not cancer. Poor pooch. How often is he in sunlight?

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Are you sure it’s a mole and not a tick?

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It’s highly unlikely that an 8 month old puppy has cancer of any sort. If it truly occurred overnight, I’d suspect at the most a case of pyoderma.

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Probally not cancer. My moms dogs would get “suspicious” moles that came out of no where. The one shitszu even a growth above his lip and this dog was 5 years old. Sometimes the dogs/puppies diet can cause strange things to happen, like being allergic to something in their food. That’s what happened with the shitszu.

If this was a cat/kitten I would be way more worried because usually any odd growths like that are a sign of cancer when it comes to cats. I can’t gaurantee anything but that is just going by my own experiences with having both cats and dogs over the years.

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If you had not said that your girlfriend took the dog too the vet, I would have wondered if it was a tick as well. I have never had this experience. Are you certain it appeared “overnight” or could it have been overlooked? Well, you have done the right thing by taking the dog to the vet. Just try to be patient for the test results.

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My dog Snap, had what looked like a mole on the inside of her foot. Turned out it was cancer and they got it all. My advise is to get it out. My theory is, “if it is not original equipment, it is not needed.”

good luck.

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