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Do you have a tattoo that you regret?

Asked by josie (28668points) October 8th, 2010

I have one that I am going to have modified.
It says “I Am Become Death”
Seemed like a good idea at the time. Doesn’t seem as appropriate on a civilian approaching middle age.
I am going to cover up the words. I will keep the image of Vishnu.
Do you have any tattoos that you have sort of grown out of?

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I don’t regret any of my tattoos but I have ‘outgrown’ some of them as you say. Long ago, I tattooed my ex-husband’s abstract drawing over my pubic bone. I called it my conception piece because the ritual of tattooing it was to accomplish my first pregnancy and I did get pregnant shortly after ( I know there is no causal relationship, just an emotional one). After two pregnancies, it is very stretched out and I don’t have an emotional attachment to it any longer. I have another tattoo below my tummy on the right that is a heart with ‘The Fuckers’ written inside – the only reason I don’t like it as much as I used to because it, too, is stretched out and doesn’t look as good as it did when new. I might have to either fix it up or cover it up but I’m waiting until I’m done birthing, I suppose.

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No tattoos so no regrets. I kinda think about it from time to time. Maybe I will get that dragon on my left shoulderblade one day…

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I just have the one. I’m happy with it.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I have to be totally honest and say that I have never seen a tattoo that got stretched out. It is not my business of course, but does it really dramatically change the shape? It makes sense, but until you said it, I would not have thought about it.

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@josie No, it didn’t dramatically stretch out – it’s not technically stretched out now, just that the giant pregnant belly stretched it out then and now the edges aren’t sharp or clean any longer.

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Na. Not as of yet anyway. I like to think that I’ve gotten some timeless pieces. There are times that I wish my arrangement was different or better thought out but as far as the pieces themselves, I think I’ll be alright with them for the rest of my life.

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Two tattoos but I don’t regret them. One of them is old and needs some touch-up work though.

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No tats here. I understand the concept of body adornment but have never understood why one would want to make it permanent. Life is long and opinions change.

A tattooed man from my fencing club gave my son some very good advice. My son pointed to a tat on his arm and asked “what’s that?”, The man replied:

“A mistake… If you ever feel the urge to get a tattoo, go out and buy yourself a very nice pair of socks. Now, wear that same pair of socks every day for the next year. If at the end of the year you still like those socks, you are the type of person who might be able to live with a tattoo.”

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Yes, I’ve got one done by a friend of a friend who was doped at the time so it’s not executed as clearly as the concept art and there’s a name of an ex in Hebrew I’d like removed.

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I only have one tattoo and… it’s OK. It’s very simple, but the guy didn’t do a good job coloring it, so I’m going to have another artist clean it up and add some more art. I deliberately got it high over my shoulderblade so I can hide it if necessary and because it stands the least chance of getting wrinkled or misshapen there.

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No tattoos. And, as of recently, no interest in getting any. ;)

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Yes I have a tattoo of smeared poop around my buttcrack to make it look like i forgot to wipe. just kidding. Nah I don’t regret my tattoos. Im planning on getting more. Some that means something to me and about me.

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I have one that I regret. Its of a Native American female with war paint on. The artist was just starting out, and took some liberties with the picture. Its not like the picture I had picked out. Not to mention the fact he was not very good at tattooing yet. A twenty dollar tattoo sounded nice at the time.

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I dont regret any of my tatttoos, where they are and how big they are in that spot I sometimes wish were different, but never what I got. Though recently there is one tattoo im thankful that I didnt get. I had planned for years to get the words “No angel flys with me tonight” from one of my fave songs tattooed on me, but then in april I had a really bad accident that caused me to almost die 4 times in less then 48 hours, I didnt die and I should have been a vegetable, “mentally retarded” or paralyzed. I am none of those, aside from a few life long disabilities I now have, im a complete functioning member of society. So I think if I got that I would regret it sooo much since there was an angel fying with me on that day.

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O God yes! I’d get laid far more frequently if I didn’t have “MOM” running down the shaft of my penis.

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this is a perfect example of why you should think about what the hell you are putting on your body and why you should never shop for tattoos on a budget.
I have most of myself covered and I do not regret any of them. There are some that I would probably do a little differently but regrets? No regrets. Which is actually one of my tattoos.

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not at all

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