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Is it possible for time stamps to be wrong on cell phone bill?

Asked by anxioustoknow (2points) October 8th, 2010

scenerio: texts sent and received from my cell phone are not in question but the time stamps attached to them are which brings into question the content of said text messages. is it ever possible for the time stamps attached to text sent or recieved to be wrong on the bill. i have been told it is very unlikely but i maintain they are completely inaccurate. i have read and was told sometimes the time zones for either number can play a part but both sender and receiver are in the same time zone. also, conversation was in real time as far as sent and then relpy in regards to the on going conversation.

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Absolutely. I have had this problem many times with carriers like Virgin Mobile, the prepaid stuff. I also had this problem with the old ATT company Cell One, and got into lots of trouble with the ex. Just cuz it was sent at a certain time does not mean it didn’t get lost in the stratosphere somewhere and arrive hours later. Plus you send, out of coverage, and later it resends. Don’t rely on the bill. Why do you ask?

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