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Are you a coupon clipper?

Asked by Frenchfry (7564points) October 8th, 2010

I always set aside coupon to use and forget. Are they really worth it? Do you save a lot of money?

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Funny. When perusing through coupons (when I do see them) I’d like to think I would be, but then I don’t. I always forget.

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My g/f got me into it. Now I go through the newspapers looking for coupons. We save between $5 to $10 a week minimum. And we only use the ones for products we were going to buy anyway. That’s probably the real key.

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I have tried to be, but I find I can usually save just as much by buying cheaper brands or in-store specials, or not buying an item at all. If I get a coupon for something I know I will want to buy, I hang onto it but frequently forget to bring it to the store.

I am only buying for myself; I can see where it would be worth the effort if you were buying for a larger household.

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NO. When I get the Sunday paper, I find coupons for tons of processed foods that I don’t eat and cleaning supplies that I don’t use. I assume that I’m missing the ones I would use, because I know of people who save twenty and thirty dollars every shopping trip. I just try to shop the store brands and buy things on sale to stock up.

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I only use coupons when buying electronics online. I have saved anywhere from $5 to $30 on an item. It takes a bit more work, to hunt the internet for coupons that are store & item specific & not a scam, but when you do – you usually save a nice chunk of change.

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My mom is a coupon freak. She even mails me cat food coupons all the time.

Now, my wife and I are really into it. We always go through the Sunday paper’s coupons and clip everyone we may need. Every other week when we go grocery shopping, we save $10 to $20 on the entire bill. Pretty darn good for taking a few minutes out of your life to save coupons!

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I always clip the coupons, and shop sales. If a sale happens to match with a coupon – awesome. Once, I had an in-store coupon, a manufacturer’s coupon, and the item was buy-one-get-one-free. I got two cans of Pam cooking spray for 88 cents. That was pretty killer.

Things like that are rare, though. More often than not, a $1 off coupon for Tide is not going to keep me from buying Arm & Hammer, because there’s nearly a $10 difference between the two brands of detergent when A&H is on sale.

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Yes I do I use the coupons that I need printed from the register, and the ones from the newspaper. It saves me a little bit of money.

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I used to be when they’d double or triple coupons. Now they’ve stopped that so, no. In fact, I never see people using them anymore.

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@Aster I have not seen to many either. I see some Fluther’s do. I remember standing in line with a advid coupon clipper. She must have 50 coupons and it took awhile.

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I used to clip coupons. Since I no longer get a newspaper, it has been stopped. I do use a discount card to a chain grocery store and will often select cheaper products, like store brands. The only line that is drawn is on toilet paper (Charmin), clothes detergent (Tide), and peanut butter (Jiff). Those can often be picked up at the dollar store.

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Almost didn’t answer this because I thought well I clip them but half the time forget to take them with me. They do save a few dollars if used on products you buy anyhow or on a product you wanted to try. Years ago when they wasn’t a limit as to how many you could use at one time, Winn Dixie always doubled coupons up to $.99— My youngest called me ’ Coupon Annie’.
I bought around $147 worth of groceries but only paid $60 or so. Don’t save that much these days but a few $$ helps those of us on a fixed income.

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Attention coupon clippers! Invest in a coupon sorter; and compare the shopping list to what is in the organizer before you go to the store. Or you can take the organizer with you.

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Always! I never buy things unless I have a coupon or it’s less than ten dollars!

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No because they’re mostly for things I’d never buy or eat. I can usually find a good deal on eggs, butter and blocks of cheese that are a store special rather than manufacturer coupon.

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Yes i’m a coupon clipper and i always used some sites for online coupon codes or printable coupons. There are some good sites you can also use like and

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