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What Americans in the past would have made great Presidents/Politicians?

Asked by wmspotts (456points) October 8th, 2010

I’ve been reading a lot of biographies lately and I’m always amazed by the figures who end up in office. Not so much that they’re bad or ineffective. There’s just so many more qualified individuals. Two come to mind immediately. Ret. General Norman Schwarzkopf would have made an excellent president. I believe he would have changed the course of the U.S. for the better. I also believe that Fred Rodgers would have made a wonderful Secretary of Education, because of both his background and his true love of educating children. Any other names you can think of for any political office?

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I believe William Jennings Bryan would have made a good president.

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I think Eleanor Roosevelt would’ve made a good President. And Frederick Douglass would have as well.

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I would have voted for Colin Powell.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Colin Powell way more preferable than Bush Jr, to all the world he was heading for the White House, like it was inevitable, now he has melted into the political wilderness. He eventually clashed with the Neo-cons who he apparently described as the fucking crazies so i guess he bowed out, decent and honourable to the last and fully acquainted with the horrors of war, everything George W Bush wasn’t, in attitude, maturity and skin tone. But anyway the Republicans would rather the likes of Sarah Palin and the quirky geriatric McCain….Losers.

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The thing about the American presidency (maybe the great thing) is that the president is not a dictator. He does not really have the power to “do” very much all by himself. This limitation becomes a great equalizer. Ambitious people with visions of grandeur are limited and frustrated, and the marginally competent (most presidents) manage to skate through. In my lifetime, the only truly awful president was Jimmy Carter. The decent ones, in my opinion, were Reagan and Clinton (I voted for both). I really do not know of anybody who obviously missed the boat.

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Oprah Winfrey… would have made a good cabinet choice…maybe even V.P. or President… but she’s on contract till 2011… so we will have to wait.

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